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How to pick-up a cashier

Aug 4, 2013
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I was in this situation many times. What worked for me is to go there often so she remembers me and we just get to know each other step by step/shopping after shopping.
But actually, what to do in a situation when she works there just one time per week and you know you can just come there one more time because then youre moving out of town? She remembers me, but only last time I asked her how shes doing. Basically, we havent talked more but I feel good vibe between us, I would really like to get to know her more. But I really have no idea how to set up a date with her during a 40 second time period , there is always a lot of people. And I don't know if its good to put her on the spot in front of everybody. If she would be alone or away from the cashing chair , I would have no problem doing it but now Im limited by time and the fact we don't know nothing about each other.


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Master Don Juan
Jun 9, 2019
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she's probably just being polite because it's her job. if you want to polarize her then hand her a business card and tell her 'you should hit me up when you get off, we can talk groceries' with a james bond grin. what she does will give you all the info you need. if she calls or texts later she's clearly interested. if she doesn't accept your card or claims to have a boyfriend then you're clearly not her type.


Master Don Juan
Mar 23, 2019
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Tell the truth - You're moving out of town but you'd like to stay in touch, let's exchange numbers

Who cares who's around. Balls win the day. She'll probably be flattered


Master Don Juan
Jan 5, 2008
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Colorado Panhandle
How far away are you moving? She might hesitate if she thinks she won't see you after a few weeks, so I'm not sure you want to mention that.

One line I read when hitting on women in the service industries is to ask "so do they let you date customers?" with a grin on your face. I haven't used it in a long time though.

This gives her an opportunity if she's interested, but also an easy "out" without it being awkward for her since she's at her job.

(Note, I once asked out a sexy bank teller I saw on the regular by writing the question on a deposit slip and sliding it through the glass. She smiled and wrote that she'd love to but has a bf, stamped it and slid it back. So no digits but I could tell it WOULD have worked, and I felt pretty clever as a 24-year-old who'd just recently discovered Sosuave. It's the little victories...)


Master Don Juan
Dec 27, 2008
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Be prepared for “sorry I have a boyfriend, if I didn’t I’d love to!” line. Don’t get caught off guard by it so have an answer plan just Incase she deploys it on you.
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