How do I not get flaked on here?


Dec 30, 2022
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FinallyAlpha, being that you'e a SOsuaver and judging by thedetails you given, you met a thot,slut,*****, whatever you want to call it in your culture.. Out here we call em thots..

GIrls who dont want to kiss but will fucc you but cant wait to go back to your place = clear sign shes a thot. Thots think every guy is a hoe so they dont want to kiss really --or they have a man at home. Why was she late? soem dude was boning her before you met. Thats why she was naked when she was supposed to be ready. Chances are you swapped some semen with another dude. Any funny taste when you kissed her? Be honest.. we're not here to judge.

Lastly, if you know how not to get attached to women, you probably found yourself a plate.. good. now use the confidence to go out and meet more women, and plate 1 or 2 more and you'll be set to enjoy spinning plates.. First few months keep it striclty sex and dont do anything date-y or give them/her too much of your time.. Slowly if she seems like she brings somehting of value to the table, allow her to hangout with you here and there, grab a bite, etc.. Then test her for compliance, ie: doing errands for u, ask her if shes good with laundry, etc --the more she invests time into u, even if its going out shopping wit u, she will feel like you guys are closer than she thinks.. This is a key part of spinnin plates and playin "the game"

Additional tips:
Understand this about thots: They're used to being pump and dumped by guys out of their league so they are usually insecure despite being very sexually active. Being sexually active is what keeps them mentally afloat. Try not to look too much into what she is doing before or after she is hanging with you because its likely she'll def be sleepin around with other guys until and unless you have a better game, finances, personality, lifestyle, etc..

Always understand that when a girl is super late to somehting where shes supposed to be and you know she's not coming from work or some plans she had, and she turns out to be a thot, shes most likely gobblin **** or being piped down. This kind of sh.t is where Redpill philosophy is only important. IN being aware of these things...

Lastly, being that she is not the same culture/race as you, she's likely to settle down with someone who at least speaks her own language or keep a man around who does.. so dont invest too much. afterall shes a thot but , know that you're prob not her ideal guy.. but she'll prob try to juice u for the attention and sex for a while.. unless u can manage to gain leverage
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Dec 14, 2019
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Only difference is if you're playing in the NBA, you're not likely to get flaked on. Even in the 1/256 chance you do get flaked on, you have so much money, social circle, status, and money you genuinely don't care. You will never be ugly either, there's no such thing as an ugly millionaire.

Most guys here aren't high value or sexy, they're trying to be.
now thats power.......


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Apr 30, 2006
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Cute, 23 y.o., we've been talking almost 2 weeks, only able to arrange date now due to her and my work and my travel, interest level seems high, she texted first twice so far this week.

What should I say next here? I don't want my time wasted again. If it were up to me, I would just say "if this is too much for you, we should just leave it, it's better not to risk wasting each other's time". But I... guess that's not good game. She seems like the anxious / love bombing type. Which is... also the flaky type?

Maybe I should video call her...? I fvcked a different woman from OLD 2 weeks ago. We matched, I video called her, and she was in my apartment the following night. So maybe the video call helps to relieve this mad anxiety they have?
Don't say anything - if she flakes, just ghost. As for that chick you banged, was she fat?