How bad is the Testosterone crisis in men? The average 22 year old today has lower T levels than the average 67 year old had in the 1960s


Senior Don Juan
Sep 22, 2023
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Went to a homecoming party here. The men look like children. I was easily one of the heaviest people in the room and I'm not even that big. Couldn't believe how many short and small men were there. Saw one black dude hugging a fat chick for dear life, head seemed to be normal but when I looked down, he was 4 foot nothing and skinny as a bean pole, his bestfriend the same. Guess cause I'm getting older but damn, not used to seeing black folks that look like chinamen. Infact everyone there could have passed for a pygmy. People were coming up to me just because I was the tallest 'fatest' person there with a chick on my arm. Seems like GenZ can't even get that together, almost none of the men had a woman with them, the girls were all keen to hook up but the men were either clumped together, dancing together or staring into their idiot pads.

Looked like revenge of the nerds... and these were the athletic guys?