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Hanging out with my gf and her girl friends: bad idea?


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May 2, 2022
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Only reason I asked is because we've been together for 5 weeks. Though she tells me that's a long time, most guys can't handle her.
I somehow didn't completely grasped this sentence right away. I must be real with you bro. If a woman (adult person) tells me that 5 weeks is a long time I'll INSTANTLY lose all respect for her. That means her average "relationship" lasts for about 3 weeks (!!!). I would not be able to ignore that statement. Especially if she is hot! I always check if a woman is still in her phase of being " boy crazy ".

Perhaps she usually doesn't take her bf to her group .But of its a common thing that also tells you men do get tested and judged by her group of friends. ( And it doesn't end well for most of them..) .

If you dont have to much experience with these type of interactions you should definitely go. You might be just fine and have a great night. If not, at least you've learned a lesson.

3 red flags..... and god knows how much more of which we dont know anything yet.

When a woman brags about all the guys that cant handle her... she is trouble.

When a woman is telling you after a couple of weeks that she loves you, shes a time bomb, ticking and waiting to go off.

When "everybody" hits on her.... she might encourage that behaviour in men (and therefore cant be left alone) ...... more trouble!

Asides from that, the "10" is a unicorn, dont treat her like she is one and be prepared to face the ugly side of her, just waiting to come out.
Its much more than three only in this OP already. Perhaps OP must go through this as he will learn his lesson sooner or later. The fact that she is a "10"(smh) also means the whole build up towards the end and the pain that comes with that will be so much harder to bare ..

Women with red flags should be treated accordingly.
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Sep 10, 2014
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Too many questions. You are overthinking this.

Be you. Enjoy yourself.

PS: If you are already committed and invested in this girl, then it makes sense for you to start getting to know her social circle. Just don't over do it. Allow her to have that space, and for you to have your space.
They are already "in love" after 5 weeks. Give me a break.


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Jan 31, 2023
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I still see this as a potential evaluation by her friend of a few months of me. Her friend has also invited some other people, I have no idea who. Do I stay mostly quiet and let them talk since they are friends? Do I hide my success? Do I pay the bill "you are guests of ours"? Or try to avoid? lol. Bailing will look really bad. Sounds like there's a few people coming, so I'm not picking up the bill. If it was her friend and her friends bf I'd offer to pay the bill as guests of ours.
It sounds like you two are in an exclusive relationship as boyfriend / girlfriend. So you're not really asking about seduction, but how to make a good impression on your girlfriend's (g/f) friend. Is that a fair assessment?

I agree this is "a potential evaluation by her friend", which means "stay mostly quiet" is a bad idea, since your g/f's friend won't be able to evaluate silence. If her family is successful, there's a higher chance her friend's family is as well... and you fit in better by hinting at being successful yourself. I think you are missing one aspect - this is also a potential evaluation of your g/f's friend by you. So you should ask questions and get the friend talking about herself, as well. Hopefully you can be curious and keep it light.

I don't know your comfort with "physical displays of affection", but it has a use here. In this situation, I would put my arm around my g/f or maybe hold hands. I'd talk to her friend, but be in contact with my g/f. Your g/f might already have planned to let her friend do more talking to you, and this allows you to spent time focused on her friend - but still connected to your g/f in a physcal sense.

When they talk about the lunch later (and they will), you having your arm around (or holding hands with) your g/f will matter. Especially if you took the time to have a conversation with her friend, and they'll question if you were ignoring your g/f.


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