Girlfriend comes at my place unannounced, situation leads to fight with my roommate


Senior Don Juan
Sep 11, 2018
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Now, guys, how do you see this? Is it my gir's fault for showing up unannounced? Was my roommate a jerk and stupid? I wanna have the opinion of some guys here in sosuave. Thanks in advance.
1 - It is not your girl's fault to show up unannounced - although it is a bit odd (unless it's happened before)
2 - Your roommate is very strange not sure if I would say he is a jerk, but he is stupid, but you need to do something about your living situation ASAP.
3 - Why in the world can't you just leave with your girl, or go to her place 90+% of the time?
4 - Get your own damn place.

Best of luck, op


Master Don Juan
Dec 8, 2016
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The whole situation sounds pretty lame. Why didn't you just turn to your GF and say "cool, lets go to such and such place so he can have his alone time" after he saod that and then come back in an hour or so?

Handled poorly by all parties from all sides.
You're right. Now that you put it this way, I agree that besides him handling it poorly, I also handled it poorly, but because I got mad. I got mad because I wasn't interrupting something hugely important for him, it was a jerk off and he could perfectly do it later or as @logicallefty suggested, in the shower (he had a shower 5 mins later anyways).

@backseatjuan you smell it, I know there is jealousy. He sees different girls coming in and out to bang and hang out with me, he has a 55 year old girlfriend...who never comes over. Relationship is rotten between me and him, he is a jerk, kinda retarded guy. Will be around him 1-2 months tops, then I am off on my own.


Master Don Juan
Jan 5, 2008
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Sounds like you were all horny, you shoulda just spitroasted her.


Apr 15, 2013
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West Coast

I would have told her to leave or at the very least call her out on that.

Would you like it if your mom/dad/sibling/friend showed up unannounced?

Showing up unannounced annoys me to no end unless it’s an actual emergency. I’ve had women do that to me in the past and I’ve straight up told them to go home.

I consider that a sh* test to be honest. Think about it, showing up unannounced just expecting you be available and wanting to do stuff?


Don Juan
Jan 8, 2019
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As a landlord with housemates living in the same house, but not the same room, I can sympathize. But after reading the situation I would also so there is fault all around. Your GF coming over unannounced expecting to get some on demand. Your acceptance and attempt to boot the roommate out on demand. And your roommates ****blocking move that could have been easily avoided.

I dont know what your situation is but if you cant get a place to yourself then make sure you at a minimum have a private room.

Roommates and privacy dont really go together.

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