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  • Hey DJ!

    how does this sound:

    "Hey babe! I've felt you a bit distant and I figured it's back to my communication and non-responsiveness to you over the past days. I fell asleep on Tuesday night and had a wacky wednesday in meeting with BTIA and officially tendering my resignation and that took a lot from me. It was nothing personal with you, just needed my man cave for a bit. Miss you!"

    does this work to?
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    hey @lizardking82 just another little update - she called me yesterday evening, and basically she's taking the bus to come see me - a 3 hour ride.

    However, I'm now really starting to wonder if this girl is seeing me because I do most of the spending (sometimes she doesn't spend at all) - and she's using weekends with me to save up on her end?
    when she's with me - her body language and the way she treats me is indicative of 8-9 / 10 interest level. however, some girls are so good at faking too.

    how would you **** test her to find out where her interest lies? or am I reading too much into this?
    Don't spend much on her, just little things and see her behaviour. That;ll tell you if her interest lies in your time and attention or in your wallet.
    Hey man I was listening to the black Phillips show he tells women there breath stinks etc lol what Sort of compliments do you use from his show lol also tells them about there dumb hair cut etc ?
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