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Master Don Juan
Sep 20, 2007
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Zekko said:
Regarding lying,
I do not advocate lying in your communication. As mentioned in an earlier Jophil thread, you have to look a little deeper at the dynamics at play. Take into consideration the age demographics of this girl is between 21-27.

Look at the covert methodology at play.

HB: What do you drive?
What kind of style/wealth do you have?

Prize: I don't drive.
I don't feed into your qualifying.

HB: Why not?
Why not?

Prize: I don't need to.
I don't need to.

HB: How do you get around?
Let me try this a different way.

Prize: Sweetheart, there are two types of people out there. Some who drive and others who are driven. The question is what do you drive?
Sweetheart, the purpose of this date is to see if you meet the baseline requirements for a second date. It's not important how much wealth or what style I possess, but rather what you bring to the table.


Prize: What year and kind?
Let the games begin.

HB: Umm, 2003 Cherokee, but I am getting a new one soon.
I hope this is not damaging.

It is not what you say that creates a rapport but rather the underlying dynamics at work.


Master Don Juan
Sep 28, 2008
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Inside her mind
slowly but surely I'm learning, a text exchange

Me: You awake?
HB: No
Me: Hey you
HB: I think u secretly love that I'm a challenge :)
Me: Now being "scared" is a "challenge" wow easy on the cool aid babygirl
HB: Pardon me?! I'm not scared to meetchu. I have plans
me: ugh huh suuuuuuuuurrrrrrreeeeeee
HB: Ur an ass, That's probably y I like u