Finally off Bupropion


Master Don Juan
Apr 6, 2018
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So after 3 years on that medication I finally took the decision to stop it (with medical supervision) and its been 4 months Im completely off.

In the beginning it was weird, emotions were more intense. And I had this constant fear that I would change after quitting it.

But it seems its normal. I still can deal better with emotions and some situations same way when I was with this med.

I had some relapse on alcohol while quitting this medication, but Im already reaching 3 months without alcohol and Im happy with that.

And stuffs I learned about depression and anxiety:

- Proper sleep literally cut away depression and anxiety for me.
- same for foods. Cutting gluten, sugar and processed foods is life changing.
- exercising and getting sunlight also improved so much my mood.
- psychoanalysis helped a lot.

And all of this happened when I took the decision of going no contact with abusive parents. It was one big step that changed so much in my life.

Have a decent job (not rich) something about 70k a year without taxes, but I can live with some comfort. Bought my apartment in that period and still have a lot of goals.

Started to cultivate consistency with mini habits like doing push upa everyday (Im on a 150 days streak) and doing squats also.

Its also a very lonely road with all that happened with my parents, but its worthing the walk.

Just wanted to share it. Remember when I came here needing for help and have some guys here that really helped me with this situation.
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Master Don Juan
Jul 29, 2020
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I remember that you were down very bad, it's awesome to see you up.

You take care of all the small things and the big things take care of themselves