everyone, if you had one peice of advice to pass on to someone about women...


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Aug 13, 2007
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If you are freshly removed from a life lived within the matrix, adhere to the "Costanza Method" without deviation at first:

Do the EXACT opposite of everything you have done up to that point.

If your mind says, "Call her," DO NOT.
If your mind says, "Tell her how you feel, DO NOT.
If your mind says, "Give her one more chance," DO NOT!

Great insights in this thread. Guys here have a real proclivity for saying things in very unique ways that really drive the points home.


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Sep 20, 2004
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If you want to see what your life will be like in the future if you make the wrong choice in a woman go to a Wal Mart check out. The fat cow in stretch pants with 2 misbehaved kids and a cart full of junk will make the Chinese water torture look good.


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Apr 29, 2007
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All they have is holes.

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Jan 3, 2005
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I would say they're only women, don't put them on some nonsensical pedestal making them out to be something they're not. They're just women. They eat, breathe, and well, you know, just like us. In fact the more you get to know many of them, the grosser you find out they are.

Quick story: I was dating some model out here in Vegas a few months ago (an actual model, she's in car magazines or something apparently) who actually use to take picture of her ****, and send it to her friend's cellphones and they would actually have contests as to who had the largest bowel movement. Disgusting.

The Bat

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Dec 12, 2007
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Be the Man.

Don't show any hint of weakness or vulnerability in front of her or to her in any form or whatsoever. Especially when things are going to $hit and chaos is all around.

Keep your cool and find a way out of it all. Be like Indiana Jones! No matter how grim the situation, there is always a solution.

Let her freak out, throw temper tantrums, cry, moan, whine, and b1tch about the problems or the situation. You, be the Man, and work towards the solution.


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Apr 30, 2003
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In this Economy?
Interesting coming back for the first time in a while to see such overall mediocre and full-blown irrational advice being given.

The Bat said:
Be the Man. Don't show any hint of weakness or vulnerability in front of her or to her in any form or whatsoever. Especially when things are going to $hit and chaos is all around. Keep your cool and find a way out of it all. Be like Indiana Jones!
Everyone has weakness and vulnerability or else were not human. People try so hard to rid themselves of such qualities by hiding it from others. It doesn't work, period. If you can accept your own flaws, negative qualities and shortcoming and be open about them, then they may likely stop being such bad things. Being comfortable with yourself and who you are means having a certain nonchalance towards your lacking aspects. By doing so you cease to be vulnerable.

Confidence isn't the large pecs, the German car or the one liners. That how people mask themselves.

akus said:
Achieve personal success, if you are rich, women will fall for you and not walk out on you if you don't like something. Because there is hardly another equally successful guy, but a plethora of equally hot girls out there.
Akus, are you secretly an angry teenage boy? :crackup: Fear the women who will fall for you because of your income, do not embrace them.

ducaro said:
5. They should always be treated like little girls.
And I bet that makes you feel like a man. What kind of a person goes around treating females in a degrading manner? Serious insecurity buddy.

Mr.Positive said:
Women will say one thing, then do something completely different. A woman's actions will tell you everything.
...yea and men can be trusted so much more? You are talking about people not just women.

jophil28 said:
Here are some related thoughts..
Spend your time, efforts and attention only on quality women who demonstrate a HIGH interest level in you .
Often, the women who pursue me and attempt to get my attention are not of interest to me. **If** you are referring to the women you are dating lacking significant interest of course you move on. There is chemistry or there isn't. Pursue the women who you find interesting.

KontrollerX said:
Avoid marriage and avoid relationships.
They are for women and mostly benefit women.
Instead focus on your goals and dreams and don't waste your time on that.
How you should deal with women is as fvck buddies or one night stands only.
Only consider marriage or relationships if you really want one when you turn 30 but still remember in the end marriage and relationships mostly benefit women.
You've got to be kidding me? If this is your advice based on experience then you are worthy at least of the 'F' and 'C' of AFC. If you're relationships are not enjoyable, fun fulfilling and meaningful then you're missing out and should either be dating someone else or considering the kind of person you are.
Relationships **can** benefit both people in them. I don't know about your previous situations but I'd say that relationships (and further on marriage) benefit men much much more so then women. Studies have shown time after time that divorced men have a very high interest in getting remarried while divorced women are significantly less interested. Can you get screwed on divorce settlements? Yes, definitely, but that's a risk you have to be willing to take (with some degree of insight into the quality of the person) when you ask a woman to marry you. Money has its importance but the loss of time, growth, happiness is a much bigger loss to your life than money.

fuzzx said:
Don't listen to 90% of the crap on SS they are still living in the Matrix... Leave North america because the women you are fighting for aren't worth ****e.
Yea...the grass is always greener. Quality exists in every continent and every country.

Colossus said:
So true. Women have done dirtier things than you would ever want to know. That pristine beauty you have Oneitis over?? Took it up the chute while her last boyfriend video taped it, then let his best friend do the same.
Given that's a far from realistic situation, are we so much better? Who hasn't acted in a very undesirable way numerous times in life? Is it fair to judge a female, let alone a person in terms of their past actions? I know I've treated girls in ways they did not necessarily deserve to be treated. Should females potentially interested in you, look elsewhere because you've messed up in your past?

One of the few worthwhile comments on here:
Sinistar said:
As I skimmed the threads over the past year I observed a common theme which I hadn't noticeed when immersed in SS more daily. It's how AFC's and even DJ's label women. As AFC's we tend to call them cowards, devious, cunning, strategizing, manipulators, liars, etc, etc, etc. Then as DJ's we both observe and learn to deal with the fact that women are covert, indirect and emotional. A lot of guys stop there (which is fine). But for me I kept hearing "a woman's primary need is security" only to have the conversation or thread move on in another direction.
Now, when my wife is acting or speaking indirectly (which she always will), I just quickly chalk it up to it's source - a woman's need to constantly feel a healthy amount of security which in turn places her in a frame where she feels the need to be indirect and covert. And when she gets emotional, it's probably just the outwardly observable affects of the security/insecurity equation being imbalanced.
Very good stuff

countermart said:
If you want to get into a LTR with a girl watch how she treats her parents and the waiter, because no matter how sweet she is to you now that is how you are going to end up being treated. Countermart.
HAHA very true contermart.

Colossus said:
Might as well add another...
If you sense it's not going to last, she does too. You can be the dumper or the dumped.
This is the most insecure thing I've heard in a long time. If you're unhappy in a relationship you determine its value and decide if its something you want to work past or if its time to end things. So because you fear being "dumped" and think she is going to break up with you, your conclusion is to dump her first? Wow...

TheDoctor said:
1. Never, ever, ever love a woman too much. This has a duality that must be understood. By never loving a woman too much, by never being afraid to walk away and end it all, you are doing two things, protecting your heart and soul from utter destruction (as I am undergoing as you read this) and by never loving her more than you should, you keep the AFC behaviors out of the relationship.
Oh Doctor, you may very well miss out on the great parts of life. Never be afraid of walking towards an opportunity. Sometimes those opportunities have the risk of heartbreak but all great things have potentially terrible outcomes. In your future do you want to look back on your life and be glad you never loved someone to the fullest extent? The issue here is more about who you are choosing to give that love to and who YOU become once you feel that way. Good luck

Magma said:
If you are freshly removed from a life lived within the matrix, adhere to the "Costanza Method" without deviation at first:
Do the EXACT opposite of everything you have done up to that point.
If your mind says, "Call her," DO NOT. If your mind says, "Tell her how you feel, DO NOT. If your mind says, "Give her one more chance," DO NOT!
Why not focus on on what those principles are initially setup? I call, share my emotions when I desire to, and do as I think fit. Women don't reject because you call too soon or express emotions. Fearing actions, thoughts or connections is for the inferior.


Don Juan
Oct 22, 2005
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1. Challenge yourself.

In highschool, I had girls all around me and did nothing. I did much more in college and afterwards. Challenge whats keeping you where you are if you're unhappy. If you're inexperienced, what you know is not the truth.

2. You dont have to be someone you're not to get girls. What a load of BS. Most of what guys do to get girls is a facade. Hair, clothes, jewelry, the car. You dont need all that.

3. Get in touch with your natural sexual self. Your d*ck will give you all the answers that you need. That's the original "I don't care attitude".

4. Enjoy things. Don't spend your whole life miserable over highschool, or that girl in class you never talked. Half of the world is women, and a lot of those are hot. There are opportunities every day, no matter how bad you think things are.


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May 27, 2008
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Vulpine said:
Avoid women whose hobbies are "watching TV, reading books, shopping, travelling..."

Instead, target women whose hobbies are more unique and less revolving around media, marketing, and money. Hiking, kayaking, surfing, baking, sewing, photography, and gardening are examples of "unique" hobbies.

The reasons should be obvious, but, the women with "popular" hobbies aren't very independent, and are the most socially functional/dependent. Now, being social isn't necessarily bad, but when a woman derives pleasure from little else besides being social, you are going to find yourself being pressured or manipulated to "plug back into the matrix", playing many more games, and dealing with much more drama and trifling.

Simply put, women with "unique" hobbies are better people overall. Women with "popular" hobbies have little to offer besides excellent social skills and a conformist mindset.

The "popular" or "Barbie Clone" hobby types have a very poor "sense of self", which could also indicate other issues.

LSE's, AW's, Cluster B's... go ahead, ask them, "What are your hobbies?" See if you don't find the same to be true.

Nailed it!!!

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Jul 23, 2004
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Another Dimension
Ops, Awesome idea for a topic

I would say:

"Watch their actions, not their words"
"Never get too excited about a girl, cause later down the road you might/will get frustrated"
"Be prepared for any situation, and be strong"
"Watch out for tests\curve balls they throw at you, if not careful, she will lose respect for you"
"Remember, always put yourself first, she´s an addition to your life, not your life"
*The tricks dangerous women use on unwary guys:


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Oct 11, 2006
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Mr. Me said:
When a woman does or says something that doesn't make sense to you and gives you one of those WTF?? moments, it's not that "women are illogical" or that "they don't make any sense" or that they're having a emotional moment or being absent-minded or anything else but the simple fact that...

they're bullsh!tting you.

You're having the WTF moment because you're trying to make sense out of something that doesn't make sense.

Men are indoctrinated to believe that women are illogical, nonsensical creatures, so they remain blind to the games women play not realizing that they DO make a lot of sense... once you understand what it is that they're really doing.

And what's more is that the BS they're handing you has worked for them so well on men in the past (whose egos were quick to rationalize why they couldn't possibly have been played), which is why they're using it on you, fully confident that it will work again.
Gold. Just pure gold.


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Apr 24, 2002
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Don't hold a woman to a standard you don't hold yourself to.

it is okay for you to game women constantly but it's not okay for her to go out to dinner with a guy friend.

Also don't try so damn hard.

have fun, joke, live life. this **** is too serious sometimes.


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Nov 12, 2009
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Read this whole thread. One of the best on the site ive read so far. Im bumping this.