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Don't give up the game...ever

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Dec 3, 2005
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On the Frontlines
Yo Troops!

Y'all been making some damn good posts!!!

Keep it up!

Anyway, the thought that came to my mind while reading this thread is what Sargeant Slaughter used to say at the end of all those old G.I. JOE cartoons:

"The price of freedom is ETERNAL VIGILANCE."

I know I've quoted this before, but I think it bares repeating.


Freedom from what?

Emotional, mental, and sexual slavery to women.

As a believer in the Bible (yes the REAL one.LOL), I believe that mankind AND womenkind are all in a fallen state. I know that many here may not share this belief, but hear me out anyway.

I believe that human nature, left on it's on without a Divine, spirtual intervention, is selfish and corrupt. To me the DJ Bible is a great tool for understanding how the corrupt, female half of this mindset works.

I think it is a great guide that helps us get a handle on how women function in this fallen state, and enables us to better handle them so as not to abdicate all our power to them.

The first man to lose this battle was Adam. And it's been downhill for the rest of mankind eversince...lol.

So when do we give up the game? Is it really never? Or is it when our Creator again comes to elevate human nature back to the heights that He originally intended?

Who knows...

Peace...one day.


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Jan 9, 2003
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the female I.E.D

you got hit with the female version of and I.E.D (Improvised Explosive device) - The **** test. You took your eye of the road, weren't playing attention to the DJ principle and BOOM- You're relationship takes a direct hit.

Remember, the game is ALWAYS on. Whatever you did to get her, you have to keep doing to keep her. It's that simple



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Aug 16, 2006
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Bump. Great points raised.

Maybe I will give a slight Hooha for you guys to discuss further. My GF (almost 2 months) is currently asking me why I pay so little attention. She did most of the calling and smsing.

She said "I like, I miss you" while I kept the proportation of returning the words on the ratio of 1:4. We see one another once a week. She has some suitors after her.

There are conflicting infos which somehow confused me that over-challenging may drive the girl away instead. In fact, she's smsing me and calling me lesser than usual after discovering that I only contact her once in a while for several weeks, (But i do make her laugh and go all crazy whenever i call)..

However, kept my frame and I will only call her every 3 days once. Its like. leading her to a frame that "we shouldn't be contacting everyday, only once a while"

Time for me to give in more in a subtle manner? Or maintain? Got a gut feeling she may not be able to take such a challenging guy and go for an AFC suitor whom's currently saying "I miss/like you" to her.

The balance of challenge.. hmmm



Master Don Juan
Apr 15, 2003
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A universe...where heartbreak and sadness have bee
There's a crapload of truth to this.

Back when I was still playing my external game, before some of the ideas began to actually seed themselves in my mind, I met a girl who was absolutely nuts over me. When I saw that, I fell into my old self-defeating routine of thinking..."What did I do to deserve this? What can I possibly offer this girl? She's not going to stay around if I keep playing. She deserves LOVE."

So I gave up the routines and locked on to her. Sometimes I felt like I was going to lose her if I played too hard, so I reverted to the old, societally accepted "love"...I put her up on a pedestal and started treating her like a princess that had to be won, despite unreturned calls, broken dates, and a slew of other transgressions, and they only became more frequent as I further lost confidence. Eventually I had the "AFC breakdown", sent her a series of long E-mails cursing her for her BS, then begging her to call me and telling her how much she meant to me.

What did I do wrong? It's very simple. I lowered myself because I thought that being too great a man would lose her. And perhaps more fundamentally, I lowered myself because I didn't feel like I could live up to my own potential, because I didn't feel like I had it in me to be with a woman like that.

As DMX says, This is not a fvcking game! This is life! Being DJ is not a "bag of tricks" that helps you score a girl, so once you've got her you can go back to living your semi-confident mediocre life. There's an old saying that you could take all the money in the world and divide it up equally among the world's population and eventually it would end up in the same hands it was in before. The same goes for women. You can bag any chick you want by playing "the game", but when the game's over, she's going to be back in the arms of whoever she was banging before.

Being "Don Juan" is a state of mind. It's a way of thinking that encompasses a desire to be with beautiful women and a belief that you DESERVE those women...in fact, that those women would be BLESSED to have you in their lives. Everything else you can either read here or develop on your own through experience.

And here's a secret that a lot of fledgeling "DJ"s don't know and have to learn the hard way...

If you truly have internalized the Don Juan Mindset, and a woman responds to it by getting "scared off", then SHE is the inferior one. YOU deserve better than HER.

Yes, there are "average frustrated chumpettes" in this world. Blue, your girl is a prime example. She feels in her heart of hearts that SHE does NOT have what it takes to hold on to a man of your caliber, so she resorts to the tear factory...tries to lock you down out of pity. I've had it happen to me...a couple of times. Think about if the roles were reversed...how much of a chump would you be if you felt so much like you were going to lose a girl that you cried out your feelings to her in a desperate attempt to get her to love you? What makes HER any different?

A REAL woman will rise to the challenge. A REAL woman will respond positively to the fact that you continue to see her. When she senses you have "options" in your life, she will respond to them as a challenge to be overcome and she will show herself to be the best of all of them. If she does NOT, if she becomes distant because she feels she isn't good enough or breaks down crying about how she can't stand the competition, she is DOING YOU A FAVOR. She is telling you, "I am not woman enough for a man such as you."

(This is all assuming, of course, that you DO know what you're doing and you haven't done anything ignorant or blatantly wrong to offend or hurt her...you know the difference, and if not, your parents didn't bring you up right)

If at this point you LOWER yourself to try to win her back, you are GIVING UP EVERYTHING SHE LIKES ABOUT YOU to try to rekindle her interest.

Never, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER lower yourself to try to win back a woman who has failed your challenge. That's like telling your dog it's OK to poop on the carpet because it was whimpering and you felt sorry for it.

You MUST either 1) encourage her by rewarding her "good behavior" to bring her up to your level or 2) let her go.

The DJ mindset is a part of who you are. It's there when you wake up, when you brush your teeth, when you go to work. It's there when you go home, when you hit the gym, when you go out to the clubs, when you play sports, when you play video games. It's there when you eat, when you sleep. You live and breathe "DJ". It's not a game you play and then put down when it's time to enter the real world...it IS the real world. If not, then you don't get it yet.