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Do you think with sex workers' prospects plumeting because of the Corona Virus, bachelor men will be asked to "man up" and marry them?


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Poonani Maker

Master Don Juan
Apr 29, 2007
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Well, the stock market (the source of many men's finances - not mine), is sliced out 25% so but you know women, they never would drop their value even if they're in their 40s they can't fathom dropping their view of themselves because they're so special. This goes for wives, girlfriends, dating, the whole gamut. Once they've achieved certain men willing to dish out more than their value, they can't "go back." Oh no. They think money just grows on trees.


Master Don Juan
Oct 12, 2009
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Do not get how your title to the article relates to the content of the article itself. There is nothing mentioned about bachelor men being asked to "man up" and marry them and that's clickbait. What the article does mention is that poor street-level sex workers are hit the hardest and will end up in homeless shelters or lose custody of their children, while high-class escorts have savings and can weather this storm, and other types of escorts have other part-time work with legitimate jobs might also weather the storm.

The only thing really interesting is how sex work is just another fact of life in modern society where women use this to keep custody of their children? (i.e. sounds like the movie "Florida Project" 2017). What will likely occur is these escorts will go online and make a business out of exposing themselves infront of a webcam or other online set-up where no personal interaction is necessary.

However, any sort of "Pretty Woman" scenario I don't think is likely. These things don't tend to go well.

The title is a bit silly because nobody is going to advise anyone of any worth to marry a sex-worker because their social value will nose-dive if people get what the history of the girl is. That would be a write-off. Why would you put this on a title?

Who Dares Win

Master Don Juan
Jan 16, 2012
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Covid19 already brings enough complications in our everyday life and working habits, I dont believe any player needs to increase the difficulty of the game from hard to infernal.
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