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Do you think 5.5% guaranteed interest per year on a CD from a bank is a good deal?

Divorced w 3

Master Don Juan
Nov 20, 2022
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Goldman-Sachs was actually saved by a billionaire named Warren Buffet, where through his company Berkshire-Hathaway, invested $5 billion into it.

I'm wondering what Goldman-Sachs would be if it weren't for that heh.
He absolutely saved them from reputation risk good point, the government did bail them out. Legend has it Warren was running onto airplanes and avoiding legal correspondence in their effort to repay him because he was making so much money


Don Juan
Jan 2, 2023
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To answer the original question, yes it's a good opportunity. I wouldn't park a significant portion of my investible funds into CDs, but if you can find that rate on something with a term of greater than 12 months right now, I'd lock it in.

With the prospect of the Fed lowering the Fed Funds rate at some point in 2024, CD rates with a 5-handle won't be around for much longer. So if you don't have any stronger convictions on alternatives, it's a very acceptable decision to make.