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DJ Boot Camp


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Jun 27, 2020
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I looked and I didn't see any recent boot camp threads. I am going to put myself through boot camp, and I wanted to see if anyone serious about it would like to join me.

My story is: I was burned by a girl hard last summer, who then went running back into the arms of her abusive ex. I was confused and angry, but as I have read the DJ Bible articles, I realize I was a complete AFC and a woman, so can I really blame her? I have changed a lot of bad habits like not calling/texting too soon/often, not putting girls on the pedestal, not being too available, focusing on my own personal goals, and seeing myself as the prize (which isn't hard when you actually stop and look around at who some of these women end up with.)

Where I have hit a wall is with my approach anxiety. I have always felt insecure about approaching strangers like why would they want to ever talk to me. Despite trying to reason with myself like who cares what they think, etc., I have only made some minor gains here, and I am hitting a wall.

I started Week 1 of boot camp this week, but if there are a good group of guys, who really want to commit to this together with me, I am happy to start Week 1 over, again, next week for camaraderie and accountability. If you have similar problems as me, and you seriously want to commit to this, post below and let's throw off the vestiges of AFC mediocrity, and live the rest of our lives as Don Juans!

DJ Boot Camp Link: http://www.djbible.classicalgasemissions.com/djbc.pdf