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DJ Boot Camp - Week #2


Don Juan
Apr 18, 2003
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talk to about 7 people today, i had adleast one minute convos, it was really great, im still workin on chicks tho, i get there tho, 18 more peepz to go


Master Don Juan
Dec 7, 2001
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To the Archive.

Mr. Casanova

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Sep 28, 2002
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Ehv, Netherlands
Week #2 Day #1

Bump (btw, am I supposed to answer threads in the archive)

Alright, week one went fine and today started week #2 :):
Around 7:30PM I grabbed my bike to cycle around a little to check if there were some chicks on the street.
It was dark already, so there was almost nobody on the streets. I saw only two girls (don't know what's up with the people here in the evenings :confused: ):

1. There was this corner of two streets and at the moment I crossed the corner and at the same time a girl crossed the same corner while letting the dog out. We were both kind of surpised and had some eye contact, but I couldn't find the guts to stop and start a convo.

2. The next girl was also letting her dog out :) but had an older woman which prolly was her mother walking two or three meters in front of her. I decided not to approach, because I didn't want her mother to freak out. Was this a good thing to do?

So it didn't really work out. I was wondering two things:
-is it actually a good idea to approach girls in the evening outside (when it's dark)? Girls are always told by their moms to watch out for strangers and especially in the evenings this will work in my disadvantage, won't it?
-is it a good thing to do an approach with one of her parents around? Wouldn't her mom just freak out?

I'm having exams this week so I won't have the amount of time I normally have to do fun things. Yet I planned to go to the sporting centre to get my ass out of these books :), but the problem is that almost everybody over there is a couple of years older than I am. I usually have some conversations with strangers in the dressing rooms, but this doesn't involve girls, so I was thinking whether I should approach a girl outside if she's older than I am? I'm 17 so I won't approach a 24-yo chick, but 18 or 19? should I?


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Master Don Juan
Feb 16, 2005
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Davie, FL
WEEK 2, Day 2
HB 9. The one girl I've always wanted. My one-itis that's still left. I've never approached her before, basically because I've been a wimp and she's a senior and I'm a sophomore. Definitely not 2 minutes. Not even 10 seconds. But at least I got the balls to say something. Heartbreak Kid said that if I just said "What's the time?" I will gain a bunch of confidence from now on. and he's right, I gained tons of confidence.

Here's the story: It was the end of the day, and I was looking for her all day just to ask the time. I didn't realize it till after, but she was at this special mass. So she got back to school during the end of the day. I had time, so I told my friends I had to go. She was walking through the crowd, and I followed her like any good ole stalker. :crackup: So she stopped in the office, and I followed her there. Then my friend appeared, and I just said to him "The hottest girl in the world is in there" and walked in. He followed, and she went to tuition asked something, turned around and I just blurted out.
Me: "Do you have the time?"
HB9: "Me?.... It's 2:50"

and I just went up to the tuition lady and asked if I could bring my tuition in tomorrow...

Oh yeah... for the lesser story.
I talked with this other senior girl in my chemistry class room.
Me: "What test is that?"
HB7: "AP Chemistry..."
Me: "Oh that sucks. I hear it's hard."
HB7 smiles
-I talk to my friend... 1 minute later, I restarted a convo. when the teacher left the room.
Me: "What period are you?" (Looking through her desk at scantrons to get them answers since I noticed they were cheating)
HB7: "I don't have your Chemistry."
Me: "Oh, then waht period are you?"
HB7: "Our test isn't scantron."
Me: "Oh... then do you know where the test is?"
HB7: "In a folder."
Me: "I'll try to find it."
HB7: "Don't. You'll get in trouble."
Me: "Can't find it anyway. Sorry."
-Talks to my friend again-
Me: "Are we loud?"
HB7: "Just a little bit... other than that, you're cool" =)
Me: "Sorry, we'll keep it down a bit."
-My friend and I go to the corner of the room and talk baseball-
Me: "How are you guys going to do the AP Exam?"
HB7: "I have no idea. We have to straight C down the paper." =)
Me: "I got to go. See ya"
HB7: "See ya."

2/10. Now I'm going up to every hott girl I told myself I never would talk to. Man, talk about a confidence booster! After talking to the one girl, I was relieved. EDIT: I forgot to mention this other senior.


Master Don Juan
Dec 27, 2005
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Newmarket, Ontario
ok, I been putting off week 2 for a while. I kind of check-pointed week one a month or so ago. but now I finally bought a stop-watch so I can keep track of how long my convos are :D

I been working in drive-thru at work, taking advantage of the short time with the customers, having little30 second conversations here and there. it definitely helped. my advice is to have little conversations with people whenever you can, even if its just a little 15 second "whats going on today"

gotta motivate myself! someone come out here and give me a kick in the ass :p


Master Don Juan
May 23, 2007
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Conversation 1 - I was walking from the gym at work and made eye contact with a girl walking into a Freshii. She stopped and turned around and complimented my look. I forced my way through the interaction and at one point just randomly blurted out words that had nothing to do with the conversation lol. Clearly I have been relying on drinking as a crutch and need to work on my regular game. Her name was Naomi and I ended up grabbing her # and setting up a lunch date with her though.

Conversation 2 - I was on the bus an an older homeless woman started talking to me. Normally I would assume that she wanted money and/or just cut the conversation short but this time I pushed through. I think she enjoyed having someone listen to her story and it felt good for me.