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Did I do well here, I kept frame


Senior Don Juan
Jan 24, 2016
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I'm temp working before I go into self employment.

I work with the public.

There was a 10/10 lady in her mid to late 20s, very attractive, well dressed.

I had to 'hold the public up'

This lady was then first in line and I had to hold the public up with others coming, waiting behind her.

She looked and ask me "can you do this, I've got to go"

I just said confidently "you've got to wait like the rest of them, it would be un fair on others, it's literally four minutes". I held frame and when she was standing next to me, I held frame, I wasn't even looking at her, I was looking at the other things.

I can also say, all the workers were looking at her.

I say this, it's easy to feel nervous and suck up to an attractive women, look at her, become nervous etc, as I have seen older men suck up to attractive women and do things for them.

I think for me, I'm well on my way to maybe being a man women may desire, find attractive and of course with a lot of inner, psychological work too.


Master Don Juan
Aug 4, 2023
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You did well. Attractive women know how to use their beauty to manipulate men into making exceptions for them. Not making exceptions will indeed make you more attractive to women who are used to manipulate men.