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Develop the courage to make CUTS when needed

Dash Riprock

Master Don Juan
Sep 16, 2005
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Mile High City, USA
I was talking to an old college friend the other day. He asked if I ever hear from the crazy dog park girl. For more info, read my post from July 2017.

I said, no I haven’t—and I never reached out again either. His reply was, “Dash, you know I’ve known you for over 20 years and one thing I really respect about you is your ability to cut toxic people, hangers, and bad women out of your life asap—and never look back."

Yep. I call it the Meat Cleaver Technique (MCT). Think of a butcher who has a big chunk of raw meat. He takes a big meat cleaver and with one swift chop, cuts off a big piece, and with the meat cleaver still in hand, slides the rest off to the side. Done.

And it should be the same thing for you, in your interpersonal and romantic relationships. If they aren’t contributing to your life in some positive way, use the Meat Cleaver Technique. The benefits are multiple: 1) it sends the message you don’t accept bad or toxic behavior from anyone 2) you’re fine being single and solo if you’re dating 3) your guy friends can’t flake, stab you, or be general ass*holes and 4) you’ll automatically, consciously and subconsciously, develop higher levels of self-esteem and confidence.

So, it’s all good.

Certainly, people have bad days, say things they don’t mean, make mistakes, etc. Just like you do. No one is perfect, except for maybe my mother. Just ask her, lol.

I look at the person’s “body of work.” If there is an incident, is this an off day for the person, how long have I known them, do they generally contribute to my life, are our beliefs aligned, have they helped me in the past and me them, and so on. If I answer yes to most of these questions, I won’t use the MCT immediately, but let them know overtly, whatever they did is not cool with me, and then drop it for good.

No one ever gets to where they want to go in life by acting alone. We are the sum total of our dominant thoughts moving us (toward good or bad outcomes) like a compass AND people helping us out along the way, directly or indirectly.

The key to success in life is to 1) develop a dominant thought process of positive expectancy and laser-focused goal-setting and 2) surround yourself with highly successful people who contribute positively to your life, both men and women.

Be safe, well, and mindful.

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