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Don Juan
Feb 29, 2012
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funny thing about this girl was that my perception of her from the moment i seen her was fishy because my ex had the same body type and somewhat look. Only difference was that this girl acted "nice". Now i wasn't blinded by it, but after i asked her number this one time after class....she gave it to me and then the next class time....she dressed up sexy in a hot pink dress sitting next to me. In my mind i was like hmm..okay. Odd. Then there was another guy who she would often rub up on in front of me. The dude would follow her all around class whereas whenever she got up, I stayed in my seat and mingled with my other classmates. She never says much in class. Most of the girls in my class don't even speak of her. So that was all at odd to me. I would basically mirror her actions of push and pull.

It wasn't until i discovered the "**** test" thing that girls do. Thats why I kept pushin' on her BUT...not in a CLINGY way as far as texts go. I also remember reading something about an alpha man won't stop persisting on a girl until she gives him a definite sign of "back off." SO OF COURSE after this i ain't gonna holler at her no more. But this girl been **** testing me throughout the semester with them push & pull. So i thought this was her way of testing my wit by....will he respond? will he be a nice guy and bow down to my comment of backing off by not texting back? Or will he be insecure through anger & wine in response to my comment??

Thats basically why i made this thread. It wasn't advice on how to get her back or what not. Just basically how I titled it....DECODE THIS TEXT. Just wanted to hear different take on it.


Master Don Juan
May 5, 2010
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lexluciano said:
would you have responded to her text or you would've taken an L with her response?
It's not about winning or losing. Yes, we call it Game but it's more about knowing how to play.

I almost never do this but since I haven't done my good deed of the day, I'll tell you the reasoning behind our responses. ;)

Earlier you mentioned persistence. Unfortunately, a lot PUA theory will tell you that you should be persistent with the target until the end. Sure, for other things perhaps. But not for women. You ask. But you do not beg. She accepts, cool. She rejects, accept, learn and move on.

A woman will be physically attracted to you or will not be attracted to you as soon as she sees you. Simple as that. If she doesn't give you positive signs (IOIs) and is very clearly telling you "when people don't text back they don't want to talk to you" is because she is trying to tell you "Lex, I am not physically attracted to you and I do not want to talk to you." Harsh but, that's the truth.

Women are usually indirect so for her to flat out tell you what she did tells us that you have been "persistently" pursuing her, while she's not interested in you. It has gotten to the point that all other hints that she has given you (and we all know they have been given) have not worked in getting you to stop bothering her. That's the "decoding" of the text.

IDK how well versed you are in social skills but I'm afraid she's been telling you all this time to leave her alone but you're either too dense to get the hints OR too blinded by her looks that you cannot see straight.

Her refusal to be with you has hurt you. That's why you wanna "get back at her" with a witty text, comeback, etc. It's cool, man. When we all started, we felt the same. But as you grow as a Man, you learn to let go of hate and rather see the positive in a rejection from a woman "Although I liked her, she didn't like me back. I would've wasted time, money and effort on her!"

It's okay to feel what you feel. What's important is to begin to learn to control your emotions and not act impulsively. It's not gonna happen overnight. You need to go out there and experience and fail in order to learn and grow.

So this girl has been doing Push & Pull with you and you don't know where you stand. Her actions tell us she doesn't dig but you know how to be sure? Close her. Ask her out. If she accepts, Game on. If she doesn't, then you know for sure she doesn't dig.

As simple as that.


Senior Don Juan
Jan 18, 2011
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OP way too much thought being put into this.

Let it go and move on. The more you analyze women's behavior the crazier you will make yourself, when in reality women are just fuccin crazy.

And she has the right to choose as do you, and you have to respect and handle her honesty like a man. She don't want to talk to you so take the hint and find you a chick(s) that does.


Don Juan
Feb 20, 2012
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Drowning In Vaginal Fluids. Help.
Well if you wanna try ur luck out, GO AHEAD. No better teacher than a man's experiences! Plus you just might wanna for the fun of it, I just advice you do so with the least care.

Gotta admit, I'm happy she didn't lead you on any longer.

Left to me, there's nothing to read between the lines. She aint interested and nobody's guaranteed you enough time to live long enough to meet every pretty lady out there, do not waste you time chasing ifs or maybes. Move on.