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Master Don Juan
Dec 24, 2017
Reaction score
Wasn't going to happen regardless so you're lucky you didn't waste several hours chasing her.

Agreed with @DEEZEDBRAH even a sure think will flame out so you can't overthink it. I had a woman literally ripped from my bed in Vegas and she was the mother hen too, her friend got jealous or something lol. I had another sure thing succumb to after a good 3 hours of amogging, holding strong before that lol.
I got ****ed. my idiot wing saw attractions and was jelly.

typically , he would wing, and then brag about it happening because of him.

as my game skyrocketed, you see people rage. it goes against what they know for reality. people need consistency. bud was a natty. he got babes. been pulling since before junior high.

once you hit your stride, some people won't be able to handle it. they must get with the program or you drop them.
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