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Best openers for daygame cold approach?


Master Don Juan
Mar 9, 2002
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Someone keeps posting this clip from a movie where a guy calls the woman by the wrong name.. She looks back annoyed..

Then the guy asks him why he does that and he says "I call them the wrong name on purpose because eventually they will say I'm not "insert name" and I will say, Oh you look just like this girl Jill i used to date and i felt bad that i didn't call her back anymore". He says to do this to show he dated a girl of comparable beauty and rejected her.

I'll post a link later.


Don Juan
May 26, 2021
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It doesn't matter whether I go simple or observational/situational. There are women who get flustered by an approach. More and more women now don't know how to process approaches. As @DEEZEDBRAH has mentioned, fewer men are doing approaches now so fewer women are getting approached and understand how to handle approaches.

I am reasonably good looking so I can get away with some stuff on an approach and not be labeled a creepster. Women label a lot of men "creepy" for normal approaches simply because they aren't attracted to the man. I pass a lot of women's basic thresholds for physical attractiveness.

If you want to know how women will react with a simple opener, the uncut videos from the "That Was Epic" channel can give you a good idea of it. Realize that these women are doing this to a 6'0"+ guy.
Honestly I really like this approach, but I think the rejections are coming from the tonality and then not carrying the conversation for a few seconds afterwards. When I get back home I will 100% field test this tho, but throw in some push pull/negging in a more assertive tone and see what happens


Senior Don Juan
Sep 9, 2021
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I have tended to do more of situational or observational openers, but there's a super simple opener that you can use.

All you need to say is "I like you". Super simple and it can work. Just say "I like you" and if asked more, say "I like the way you look and that's why I started this conversation". Things will go from there.
This is way simpler than I thought it needed to be. I’ve never done a direct opener but I really want to field test this now.


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Master Don Juan
May 31, 2020
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This is way simpler than I thought it needed to be. I’ve never done a direct opener but I really want to field test this now.
That video is from a college campus. You are a college student on a college campus and can do that with on campus approaches.