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Best DJ movies!


Senior Don Juan
Sep 14, 2006
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Purple Rain.


Don Juan
Nov 16, 2007
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New Zealand
North by Northwest. Maybe not a pure DJ film, but Cary Grant's one-liners are just golden.


Senior Don Juan
Jul 25, 2003
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Muskogee, OK
World's Fastest Indian

Despite being a nerdy old man, Anthony Hopkins' character has a really winning, charming way about him that lets him get the best (and the most) out of the random people he meets.

A true lesson in being your authentic self, and also being positive, open and communicative.


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Derek Flint

Master Don Juan
Nov 24, 2002
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Marin County, CA - just North of San Francisco
NHY said:
I might suggest a little Guy Richie called Revolver to be added to the list.

In it, the main character realises that his inner voice, that had being guiding him throughout the film, is in fact his true enemy, it is what always makes him anxious in threatening situations and makes him flip on occassions. A scene in a elevator shows him ' fighting ' with his inner voice and winning. The final scene of the film ( after he overcomes his inner voice ) shows him in a threatening situation but he is not anxious at all anymore. I'm crap at explaining things but its worth seeing, for that alone, I think.

I also recently saw Fight Club, I won't say much as it will spoil the film. But the Brad's character is indeed a good one, one who doesn't give a F*** about anything and as well as encouraging to look at society in a different way. I don't like the whole ' giving up all hope ' ideal but I agree with the ' You are not specail! ' idea, though.
Revolver is a great movie. There are two versions, the Import version is the better of the two.

The dialog on the rooftop of the Casino when they are hitting golfballs and talking about ego is awesome, and the narration in the scene when Jake Green gets hit by the car taking about validation is good as well.

It took a few viewings for me to "get" the movie as it will most people, but it makes you think and is worth the payoff the viewer gets after they figure out the meaning of it.

Far better then the overrated "Fight Club" IMO

It sounds like you saw the US version. Try to get the import version on ebay from UK sellers, although keep in mind it will be a Region 2 DVD and it probably won't work on your DVD player unless you have hacked it to play all Regional DVD's, or you have a DVD player that plays DVD's from all Regions.

If you have a DVD player on your Computer, it should work, but I can't guarantee it.

Either way, the Import version is better then the cut version of the movie that was released here in the US

I highly recommend this movie. Everyone I know who has seen it has been blown away by it. The people who don't like it just don't get it as it takes some time to figure out the metaphors in the movie, which there are plenty.


Don Juan
Feb 26, 2008
Reaction score
Bogart as Philip Marlowe in The Big Sleep.

Carmen: You're not very tall, are you?
Marlowe: Well, I, uh, I try to be.
Carmen: Not bad looking. Oh you probably know it.
Marlowe: Thank you.
Carmen: What's your name?
Marlowe: Reilly. Doghouse Reilly.
Carmen: That's a funny kind of name.
Marlowe: You think so.
Carmen: Uh, uh. What are you? A prizefighter?
Marlowe: No, I'm a shamus.
Carmen: What's a shamus?
Marlowe: It's a private detective.
Carmen: You're making fun of me.
Marlowe: Uh, uh.
Carmen: [she leans back and falls into his arms] You're cute.
Marlowe: [to the butler, Norris] You ought to wean her, she's old enough.


Master Don Juan
Apr 1, 2008
Reaction score
Goonies! Sloth was such a player!