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article: How Dating Men in Their 30s Compares to Dating Middle-School Boys - Spoiler: they’re very similar


Master Don Juan
Apr 30, 2006
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They say human brains are fully developed around age 25, but I’m not sure if that applies to the brains of most of the men I’ve dated. On the basis of behavior and maturity levels, it seems like their brains went “I’m all set, brah” around 12 or 13.
Upon comparing notes with my informal research team of lady friends, I discovered that there are a frightening number of similarities between the men we’re dating as adults and the boys we dated as tweens. And it goes far beyond their mutual affinity for pizza rolls.
my opinion: Yet another article to emasculate men, telling them to "man up". :down:


Don Juan
Feb 9, 2016
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More worthless dribble from a woman who would hastily go sleep with the 30yo chad and not think twice. Fellas, stop worrying about what women think of us and start working on how you think about yourself. A woman's dating advice or opinions are irrelevant; all that is relevant is working on yourself to become a more masculine and confident man.

Who Dares Win

Master Don Juan
Jan 16, 2012
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I tought she meant that once libido is not as strong, guys decides to keep contacts with girls as less as possible.

Anyway lets analyze some of her lines.

If you turn them down for a date, they verbally abuse you within an inch of your life. Alternatively, they treat you like you never existed to begin with.
Ehmm you meant they should still invest in you even when the chance or return are none for sure?

They always get their hair cut way too short.
Funny coming from a post wall woman.

It’s impossible to get either of them to write a thank-you note.
Or even say sorry I guess....reminds me of someone?

If they had to get married, neither would settle for anything less than a replica of the fictitious princess — or princess adjacent — whom they deem the hottest (see Anna or Elsa from Frozen, Jasmine from Aladdin, and Arwen from The Lord of the Rings)
Thats bad, they run the risk to get to their 30s and still single right?

Btw never met a man a single one that belongs to that list...guess she looks for me at star wars meetups.
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