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Anyone ever get fractional laser or Fraxel?


Jul 19, 2019
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So I had IPL done just over a year ago. Got pretty decent results with the nurse that did it. However not all the freckles went away and a few cameback so I decided to try a couple other providers closer by since this one was an hour away.

Anyway, the last two places I went to for IPL I had hardly any difference! Literally nothing peeled off and after a few hours my face wasn't even red anymore. Unlike the first one I had that was heavy hitting.

The other day I had IPL done again, $550 and again no peeling or coffee grounds taking place! The lady doing it said the second treatment she will go higher setting. However this second treatment will cost $550!

I'm thinking is it better to just get the Fraxel or Fractional laser done? I know it cost more but it only takes one or two treatments I've read versus IPL that takes several.

I will say WOW the IPL rates at all the providers here in FL went up this year in price! I compared them to places like my hometown of St. Louis and even NYC and they're not charging as much.

From what I've read on Realself a lot if providers don't use a high enough setting. I gotta wonder if they do that in order to get you to keep coming back.

Everything I've read about Fraxel or the Fractional lasers say it's more intensive and gets the job done in less treatments and better results. However the downtime with the gunk face is longer vs IPL.

There was a couple posters on here who said they had Fraxel done but can't remember who.