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Another Failed Relationship in 2024


Don Juan
Oct 12, 2012
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Hi to all.
Been missing from here from very very long time.
I got into a relationship,and we meet at my place ,and we meet at her place,it was a girl that couple of years i meet with her but that time she did not wanted a relationship with me,but after 5 years i meet her again on facebook and we started talking again.
I have some problems and i have a operation for inghinal hernia and i have to recovery for around 2 months,and i don't yet have a job,she insisted to stay at her for a month but they are only 2 rooms, and when i go there her kid must sleep with her mother,and her mother don't like me at all,and at my place we cannot move because her son need a special school for children with problems and in my area we don't have,after i see her mother don't like me and i dont yet have a job ,i decided to visit her 2 days 2 times a month for now,.
She also drinks from preety often and smoke something like 1 pack 1 pack and a half a day of ciggarete,i quited smoking around 1 month ,i smoked for around 18 years but my health have been worse and decided to quit smoking,we have some arguing because she smoke in house and i keep going outside to not inhale all this smoke and i keep open the windows to come fresh air,

Now she is upset she tell she need go there more often,and now she hung up the video call on me.

I know hung up is a very bad sign..I try to speak nice to make her understand ,why i cannot be with her all the time.

I dont feel i call her again or i write and i let her call me because i say in a relationship everybody must reach a agreement and to just hung up without searching for a solution is rude,she say a woman needs closure too, but in a small space and with her mother than dont she like me is hard for me,and i dont feel like at my home.

Learning Curve

Senior Don Juan
Feb 7, 2023
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To be honest your post looks like it's from a kids fairy tale.

You found a dysfunctional woman that smokes and has thousands of problems. Not good.

Time to move on.

Money & Muscle

Master Don Juan
May 22, 2023
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You didn't post anything positive about this woman dude.

It sounds like she was effectively a warm hole with a special needs kid, a smoking problem, and a bad temperament
So... bullet dodged?