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Accepting BS - where to draw the line


Don Juan
Dec 7, 2021
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This is a great thread. I've been dealing with a lot of this flaky female BS lately myself, and I've learned not to stand for it. In life, you don't get what you want, you get what you tolerate. Hot women are used to pulling this nonsense because most guys will eat it right up and keep right after her like stink on a monkey. If you let this type of behavior slide, you're teaching her that it's okay to disrespect you. If you're one of the few men who has the balls to stand up to her, she'll respect you for that and you'll stand out. One of the most powerful weapons men have is to be willing to walk away. If you do walk away, maybe she'll come back to you with a different attitude. If she doesn't, you've lost nothing.

Sometimes women will do these types of things even if they like you, because they want to see how far you'll go for them. I say you don't want to be with someone who acts like this...it's their problem if they're nervous or whatever. I think back to all the women I've been with who were really into me, and can't think of one time they didn't reply, were excessively late, or canceled at the last minute, or tried to change my plans...all the classic tests. A woman with a high IL won't pull this type of BS. You want to spend your valuable time and energy with someone who is excited to see you and won't put up all kinds of barriers.