12 Stuffs I've learned about seduction

Apr 6, 2018
Sup... gonna share some stuffs i've learned about seduction, hope it help you.

1 - I dont think what you say matters when there is no physical attraction. When a girl likes you, she will naturally demonstrate to you that she is enable... she will be so full of sexual desire that anything you say will work. Of course, being funny, confident, showing interest on her helps... but it doesnt do so much when shes not attracted.

2 - Being a nice guy will only frustrate you. Also being a Jerk will not do as much for you. But btw, so what to do? I like to be direct and not be affraid if I want to say something (with respectful). I always start with something funny or anything she is using that I can be creative, and then if the conversations flows naturally I use my intuition to find when can I ask her out. Most of times you can invite her if she is talking too much with you or demonstrates that she is emotionally connected on the conversation.

3 - Stop wasting your life chasing *****. Of course you should seduce and have sex with girls (its your instinct bro), but don't let your values and beliefs beside because of that. It will frustrate you in the long term. It's a part of your life and not the only thing that exists for you. You also have a career, hobbies, friends, family, etc.

4 - Take responsibility for your life. If you are dating stupid girls, it's your responsibility. If you're fat or no attractive, its your responsibility. Stop blaming woman or others if they rejected you, we are rejected everytime and its natural. You're only reacting by someone's opinion. What matters is what you think about yourself and what you can do to solve it and if you want to solve that. Life is about solving problems and learning from pain. Use it as opportunity. At the end, no one cares about your interests, so you should do that for you.

5 - Every woman will try to shape you based on her interests. She must be conscious enough to care about yours and I never met any girl like that (because its our nature to be selfish). Be aware of your values and interests to not loose who you are for someone else (it can destroy your life). And the most you become confident and strong, the most they will try to knock you out. Respect yourself and the others, and do not allow them to disrespect you.

6 - Destabilization game: she will try to destabilize you in any ways possible to put you on her frame. This happens more when you are going out with her often. She can try to seduce your friend, take you away from your friendships and try to make you feel blamed about something you did. I saw this happens to me when I woman are in love and want to have a LTR with you and you say you dont want. How long you resist, the more she will try it. The best is to move away.

7 - Choose your friends. If you like to seduce girls with friends, be aware the ones that are envy or feel that ure better than them. I had experiences where some guys tried to seduce the girl I was with in front of me only to knock me down. They wont achieve that, cause it's a Beta attitude... but it's not someone you would like to hang out. If you're with a real male friend... then respect will happen naturally.

8 - They will lie to you. People lie, it's life... and some women lies more. Accept that and don't fall in love easily. If you want a LTR (that I really don't recommend) balance your emotions with reason. Analyze deeply if she really worth your investment and even then never totally trust on her, she can surprise you haha.

9 - How can you ask her out? "We have a good connection doesnt we? (woman love energy and mystical stuffs) We should check that personally on a date... which is best, Friday or Saturday?" "I would like to meet you, what do you think about a date? (if she wants you, it doesnt matter, she will say yes... if she said she dont know, spin the plates. She must have another guy she is interested and will put you as a second option)". If you're having a funny and sexual conversation: "So, I will pick you at 8pm on Friday... be ready that time! Funny emoji"


- It works for me most of times I wanted to date someone on the specific day: "Hey (funny nickname base on her name)", "What do we need to do to go on a date today?" Its different and funny, and I got a great outcome doing that. Of course you must have good pics and etc... but its pretty good technique.


- Basically if she follows you and like 3 or more pics you should send her a message right away. She's into you.
- Find something to start conversation: her lifestyle, accessories (ask where she bought it, cause you want to give a gift for a friend), her hair, clothes and scenarios... explore your creativity.
- If you dont find anything... just say "hi"

12 - Don't follow patterns, use what works for you... life is about learning everyday and improving yourself. Your mistakes have the key to make you better in everything you want.

Share your tips here too! Let's grow up together!

Apr 6, 2018
i agree, but about tinder, unless ur profile is super duper nuts, its better to chit chat small talk a bit before.

Actually I dislike tinder and even dont use it anymore, I think it potencialize hypergamy a lot. Unless you're like Brad Pitt, you will only get girls that are ****ing a lot of guys they've met there.

Instagram for me is the best in that case. You can find more interesting women there.

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