1. CyrusTheGreat

    Hooking up with female friends on the Valentine's day

    Valentine's day is just around the corner! Do you guys think it's easier to hook up with your single female friends (with whom you haven't had any s*xual or romantic history) on the Valentine's day? How do you initiate?
  2. GoodOne123

    Did I do the right thing?

    Basically I met a girl 2 weeks ago at a club. I fingered her and got her number. We slept with eachother a few days later when we met in the club again. It was Valentine's day recently. I didn't text her or take her out or anything. I didnt see the point since we aren't close like that. Now...
  3. A

    When a Woman Acknowledges Valentine's Wishes?

    Hello, DonJuans, What does it mean if a woman acknowledges Valentine's wishes? I wished five women Valentine's wishes for the first time and all of them reciprocated the same with me. One of the hottest even said 'so sweet of you, I wish you too the same'. I'm from India and women are a little...
  4. Berom

    Valentine's Day

    Not a big fan as I'm sure most of us aren't. I've been dating a girl for a couple months. She's a good woman who doesn't ask for much typically and doesn't feel entitled to anything as a female. However, her good friend sent this to me the other night on Facebook messenger, "I'm being...