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social proof

  1. fakefonzie

    Getting her friend to vouch for you

    Curious if anyone has approached a girl with the intent as using her as a wingwoman for her friend, I’m assuming that one would probably have to go a lot more in the “resume/comfort building” approach with no real game intent until we approach her friend. I know girls love to play matchmaker and...
  2. reality250

    What to post on IG for being the king ?

    Hello folks, i 2018-2020 I heard how important Instagram nowadays is, I always do IG Close instead of Numberclose. Btw this is my profile: instagram.com/tandigital/ I am posting all about my daily life, and would appreciate every feedback to get more people looking at my stories since this is...
  3. B

    Flipping the script....

    I have noticed that girls tend to ask questions like where are you from, what do you do etc not because they want to get to know me but as a way to sort of put me in a category of whether or not she’s interested. To flip the script, i could reframe the questions she asks into another question...
  4. darksprezzatura


    "Very few men are wise by their own counsel or learned by their own teachings, for he that was only taught by himself had a fool for a master" - Ben Johnson Social proof in simple terms is a man's social worth, that men follow him and women like him. In short, it means being a leader of men...
  5. AJHook

    No Facebook & Meeting Women; The Concept of Social Proof

    Greetings gentlemen, As a young prospective DJ machete-ing his way through through the jungle of dating and seduction uncertainty, I'd thought I would bring up topic of discussion which appears to me to be a new obstacle. As a 28 year old, I have been without a Facebook account for 3 years...
  6. C

    Good emotional investment, but bad sex = still good standing?

    Hi guys, new member here and I appreciate all your input and advice on my previous posts. I am very eager to learn what works and what does not in regards to pickup. Been a long time lurker and now deciding to take real action and learn! If you go on a date/s with a girl and had initial value...