social circle

  1. B

    I don't have friends

    When I think about my life, then I realize no one really gives an f about me. I have a history of being bullied (bc. I was the smart kid), I got excluded and ridiculed in highschool and currently no one wants to have me around or even talk to me. (People often aks me something and when I answer...
  2. B

    A random guy at the club cannot compete with Tinder, Bumble and her social circle

    There are so many nonsense threads talking about "club game", whether its getting her number at the club and following up the next day or getting her back to your house for a quick lay, I am here to say that its an inefficient way of meeting women and you'll lose out to men she meets on social...
  3. Tilex

    Social Circle Game - Opening Group Sets

    Social circle game is by far one of the easiest ways to hook up with or meet women in public. The dynamic about approaching groups works more in your favor if you're opening an all female group. Mixed groups (males + females) can work well too, but be wary you aren't stepping over the wrong...
  4. backseatjuan

    Clean up social media & reevaluate friendships

    TOO DO: Clean up social media accounts. Put up good photos, and only good photos, get rid of garbage posts. Look up celeb social media accounts, and imitate their style photographs and posts. Reevaluate friendships, all of them. Everything not fitting with new agenda becomes and acquaintance/
  5. GoodOne123

    Ways to reduce anxiety/stress

    I have learnt that stress and anxiety are affecting my life, and have recently made it my mission to significantly reduce them. I tend to worry a lot during social interactions, whether I am coming across the way I want to. For example I worry if I'm coming across as unlikable or awkward at...
  6. GoodOne123

    Drama with other guys/Social circles

    There is a small group of people I regularly go to the club with. Pretty much all are in a relationship except for me and this other guy. When I go out, I tend to on average dance with a few girls, and get a kiss from one. The other guy complains that he doesn't get any action, not even a...
  7. D

    Situation with Plate Spinning and Social Circle

    Hey guys, got a bit of a conundrum resulting from a stupid oversight on my part while spinning plates. Amateur mistake, because I thought with the wrong head. Been dating Plate A for 8 months. I find her cute, really like her personality, but not super attracted to her body. 125 pounds at 5ft...
  8. E

    Building social circle

    I recently moved to new city in which I have only one old friend. He tries to get his GF pregnant and create ideal home so he can spend very little time with me. I have friends in other cities but due to logistics I see them rarely. I am basically alone right now. I wish to build some social...
  9. Maximus Rex

    Stuck in a Rut? Watch This Video

    One of the reasons why I like Antonio's Centeno's videos so much is because he'll give you a lot made game that goes way beyond dressing well. In this very powerful video, he gives you tips on breaking a career rut, expanding your social circle and networking.