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  1. reality250

    Things got a bit out of control, and now I have to decide...?

    My wife and I choose an open relationship, so I can be with other women. I strongly got the idea from cuckolding, since I also want her to feel good. Otherwise, I would be guilty, so I encouraged her. She (40) slept with a 58-year-old man, who came on in her mouth after sex, she told me he...
  2. reality250

    What is going on here?

    A married father (M34) here. My wife agreed to an open relationship, and my best friend got divorced with a kid. This question is all about my best friend, who is a female and has been very close to me and my family for 6 months now. I recently told her I had a crush when I was a teenager. When...
  3. reality250

    If you lose your ability to catch fish, your woman will seek another fisherman`?

    Me 33-year-old man with a business background and a wife, also a professional nerd, discussed my interest in Pickup and open relationships with my wife and a divorced best friend (W35, my best friend from high school). I suggested that as long as he is game for sex and not a relationship, I...
  4. reality250

    How can I keep this lifestyle simple, how do people game in open relationships?

    In the next months, I will be going out, to improve my communication skills and also to live a bit outside my open relationship... we still love each other, and she accepts I am still gaming for just fun. The main problem is, that I almost have NO sexual desires and can't follow up with the...
  5. reality250

    Open relationship since we have a kid together, but should I tell this to others?

    Hi there, I really have a kid who will turn 7 very soon, and my partner, who will turn 39 very soon, agreed for me to game and build up my social skills. But we agreed I also have sex with her, and will spend 70% with her & my kid. She also does not want me to pull at home when she is there...
  6. A

    Very confused... Looking for advice

    Okay, straight to the point. Last week I started on my new “summer job” and I met this beautiful woman. We clicked at first talk, and we seem to have great chemistry. I work at the bar, while she’s the receptionist, and she always comes to me for talk... And she also jokes a lot. Since I work...