1. xuzaki

    Strange followup to a bad date

    I did a daygame direct approach and the girl was very receptive. She always responded to my texts right away and enthusiastically. Tonight she travelled across the city to come to a bar near my place. She texted she’d be 5 minutes late and I wrote back “minus 5 points”, to which she just did...
  2. R

    Need advice on this situation

    Random girl(HB7) i meet gave me her number and asked me a favour to which i agreed. she is cool talking on the phone (anything including sex) and when i asked her to meet me she just doesn't want to. Says has a boyfriend and just wants me to talk with her midnight ! ( which is not gonna happen)...
  3. darksprezzatura


    "Mistakes are always forgivable as long as you have the courage to admit them" - Bruce Lee Never create rapport before attraction At any point in your life, one woman should not be the sole focus of your game Never go the extra mile for a woman Infatuation begins due to a chemical called PEA -...
  4. darksprezzatura

    Dunning - Kruger Effect

    Before posting PART IV - SEDUCTION of my series of posts around The Black Flag, I wanted to share an insight. There have been times when I've been blown out of sets, got head turns leaning in, withheld sex from, flaked on multiple times, dumped, left for another guy, been cheated on probably...
  5. darksprezzatura


    What you say to a woman is comparatively insignificant to HOW you say it. Studies prove that the effect of a message is 7% verbal, 38% is vocal aesthetics, tone of voice and rhythm. The rest 55% is body language, posture and presence. Subtle guidelines: Wide hand movements denote high...
  6. ImTheDoubleGreatest!

    The Importance of Having Sex

    A lot of you guys say how it's important to focus on yourself and not to care about sex. While it is important, you must not completely disregard sex. Look up Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. It displays the needs a person must meet before you can become what Pook calls a 'Man', or what @guru1000...