1. darksprezzatura

    How to react to a head turn during a kiss?

    So I read Roosh's Bang and adopted most of the concepts and added my own flavour to the game. A couple of days of texting a HB 6 hard teasing push pull. She was receptive but still a little anxious it seemed. First date, lots of kino, hand over her body, comfort, staring, told me she likes me...
  2. E

    Sex but no french kisses

    I am dating a girl for some time. On our first date we make out passionately with french kisses but no sex. Some time after we started having sex but after first date she barely kisses my mouth. I can kiss her whole body and make sex but she do not want to kiss my mouth. I do not understand this...
  3. pyros

    girl wasn't responsive to my kiss

    So I had a date with this 26 years old chick I met online. We seemed to click very well while texting and when we met in person we clicked very well again. I took her to have a coffee (just to filter her in case she was weird or something) and after that we went to grab a drink to another...