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  1. M

    Cold approach

    I approached a girl a little while ago and one of the first things she told me was that she's engaged, I didn't insist because she was too young, she's 18 and I'm 32. When they tell you they are engaged what do you do? do you insist? do you still ask for her number? If it weren't for that...
  2. B

    8 yr LTR since 19 now engaged then I was red pilled...

    Like the title says Ive been in my ltr for sometime from a young age. My partner in recently yrs has become more persistent about marriage. I do care for her however, I started feeling uneasy when intimacy and ultimatums started being used for her own leverage. I caved after a long dragged out...
  3. Black Magic

    Strong mutual attraction with a coworker who's engaged

    I'm sure many of you will tell me to run, not walk away from this situation, but perhaps I need a reminder. A very cute girl at work with a complimentary personality to mine shows very clear signs of interest. Extended eye contact, asking me to open a difficult jar of...whatever it was, walking...