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  1. RazorRambo24

    The #1 Thing Between You and Success is Discipline

    On SoSuave, we're all at different stages of life, thus being able to bring alot of different perspectives to the table. As someone who's at the top of my game at 31 yrs old, I can look back and safely say the one thing that I needed to hone to be where I'm at today is: DISCIPLINE. Discipline...
  2. resilient

    Discipline is a Muscle

    Here's some good wisdom and motivation on training from Arnold: So much of what we do on the road to getting strong is the attitude and commitment you want to have. Have the will power to kick @ss and take names in the gym. Keep training day in and day out. Get in one more rep! I promise you...
  3. resilient

    Bruce Lee

    I wanted to include Bruce Lee (November 27, 1940 - July 20, 1973) in my philosopher series, yet as you all know... he's associated more for his martial artist renown reputation and recognition on the silver screen. I do think he's worth discussing about with some of his thoughts here. I believe...