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  1. B

    Losing my virginity

    Ok so I’m scared and this is a very awkward situation... I’m a virgin, and I just made a friend a few months ago. He’s older then me by 3 years and very- experienced in sex stuff. I’ve been wanting to get my virginity over with for awhile now. I just haven’t had anyone to do it with. He has...
  2. GoodOne123

    Did I do the right thing?

    Basically I met a girl 2 weeks ago at a club. I fingered her and got her number. We slept with eachother a few days later when we met in the club again. It was Valentine's day recently. I didn't text her or take her out or anything. I didnt see the point since we aren't close like that. Now...
  3. resilient

    It's Officially Peak Casual Sex Season

    According to OkCupid data, now is the time that people are most looking for a one-night stand to kick off their summer fling. More students, vacationers, interns and other travelers join OkCupid during this time. Since these members are not necessarily tied to the place where they’re dating...