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  1. XThrax

    Anyone else get this feeling?

    I was doing approaches in a bar tonight and around the time of 11 a ton of people flooded in. And I noticed my social energy dropped from about a 7 out of 10 to 0. I felt drained and that I had to step outside. I also noticed my self confidence dropped. Negative thoughts like "I cant do this."...
  2. B

    Field Report - Bar Crawling

    I won't be engaging trolls. Trying not to get banned. Update from last field report: fvcked five different chicks from a total of like 15-20 numbers. Haven't fvcked anything today because I dont want to be sedated. Going out tonight as per the usual. A guy I hit the scene with last week has...
  3. C

    Looking for an intermediate/experienced wingman NYC

    To my fellow players, I’m moving to midtown Manhattan on September 1st and looking for a wingman to run both daygame and nightgame with. I’ve had some great successes in recent months and am looking for someone relatively experienced to keep the momentum. The ultimate goal is to create a...
  4. M

    She gives me her number

    One night, this chick I was talking to invited me to the bar. When I got there, she was with two new friends. One was lesbian, the other straight. I saw that the straight one kept eyeing me, so I started talking to her. The main girl I was there with didn't like this too much and kept pulling me...
  5. M

    How do y'all approach a random female?

    In the past, I've had real bad anxiety. To the point where I'd just get stuck and it know what to say (to attractive ladies). Ever since I started my job last year, I have gotten better. Way better. I'm still a little shy (when idk you of course) and don't feel comfortable enough to just go up...