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  1. Protonym

    Help an AFC: Safe Boundaries For Seeking Rejection

    I'm an AFC and don't want to be. Upbringing was "If you want the girl- open doors for her, keep a respectful distance, don't 'lust' after her, (etc...), and she will keep going out with you until you fall in love and live happily ever after." These are the following problems I suspect I need to...
  2. DiegoSantori

    Is "being likeable" and "being attractive" interconnected?

    "Likeable" people are often positive, respectful, polite, confident, do a lot of the listening, smile, open up & make eye contact. Is "you're a likeable person" a compliment? Does it mean that you're attractive? Or is "being likeable" and "being attractive" not interconnected? What if you're...
  3. DiegoSantori

    How Instagram cured my oneitis

    Yes, I was one of the guys who believed that this one particular woman was a goddess and that nobody else in the world could possibly measure up to how perfect she was. The way the sunlight glinted in her hair was hypnotic and everything she said and did sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions...
  4. M

    Another attractive guy at a lost...Backg. story provided and question!

    I originally made this message intended for one recipient who seemed to have had a similar issue as me, but don't know when he'll be on. Therefore I'll just throw it out for you guys to assess and hopefully provide some suggestions I haven't thought of yet. I would like to think I'm red pill but...