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    Too Hot to Handle(Dynamics for escalation)

    I rather make a move and get rejected then not making one and not knowing my out come . These girls talk to their friends about the guy that has the balls and the guy that got all the signs but yet didn’t made the move cause he’s afraid. Also by escalating you’ll find out if she’s a time waster too
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    Rollo Tomassi-The Rational Male

    Yeah I’ve been following the guy for almost a year now. Watching his podcast has really help digest the books that I’ve read . Yes, his views are in black and white because nothing of what he says is subjective. He doesn’t offer the 12 rules for life program on how to change your life. He...
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    ****ing do it, its not like you're married. If you do the 3some and your girl is feeling some sort of way that's her problem. You got a solid opportunity that guy would kill for in most cases. Capitalize on that..
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    Stormrider's chonicles

    I know that the PUA stuff works to a certain degree, but I also had my doubt on them. And couldn't understand why I had these doubts about them. At one point I felt like I was crazy for having these doubts, but I’m glad you’re coming out with these answers for all the questions I had. Keep...
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    Stormrider's chonicles

    This is a solid field report
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    No Girl is EVER a sure thing!!!

    Hypergamy is not a straight jacket.
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    Looking for...

    So I just move to Scottsdale Arizona, I’m here by myself. Sometimes I like going out on the weekends. I’ve been to the bars by my self but it’s not the same. It’ll be cool to have another dude with me so we can motivate each other to approach girls. Since for the most part girls always go out...
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    article: Are Men Really Having A 'Friendship Crisis'? It’s lonely being a dude, but it doesn't have to be.

    Yeah I see no benefit what so ever, specially how we are wired sexuallytowards them
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    I've Noticed Women Mocking Their Husbands

    Oh I knows it’s a shaming tactic, I just wanted to see the responds
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    I've Noticed Women Mocking Their Husbands

    How is he a women hater???
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    Tinder Trap Dating Market 2019

    The ***** make this in to the Hunger Games
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    WHY THE WAIT?...

    Like rollo says, “women will make rules for guys they don’t want to **** and break rules for guys they wanna ****” I’ve tested out this theory and it’s true, sadly
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    WHY THE WAIT?...

    Holy ****!!!! how come this didn’t pop in my mind. It all makes sense now , cause the only agency women have over men is sex. Once the sex comes in to place. What else can she offer that is more valuable or equal to sex. They know this for sure, it’s the only weapon in their arsenal able to...
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    WHY THE WAIT?...

    Did this happened on the first date or a second ?
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    WHY THE WAIT?...

    I’ve read the rational male twice this year going for a 3rd time, yeah I tried not to talk about the red pill knowledge. Not everyone is going to agreed with it. It’s like drinking from a fire hose