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Recent content by Scars

  1. Scars

    How to forgive yourself?

    Agreed. Just give it time. Usually takes me 1-2 days to get over one of my stupid mistakes. If I wake up hungover after doing something stupid I usually feel miserable all day, then second day I think about it half as much, then next day half as much as that.. until I barely care of think...
  2. Scars

    Zodiac signs that have it the easiest & hardest with women

    Not sure why Sagittarius isn't on the list. We're charismatic, adventurous, and extremely blunt.
  3. Scars

    Do you find it pointless to explain the whole red pill and sexual market theory to other people?

    Women don't get their panties wet for "Woke Redpill" dudes. Just act aloof.. like getting women is easy and comes natural to you. You can sprinkle things into conversation like "I've been burned by women in the past" etc.. but don't go on a full blown redpill rant. No matter how you slice it...
  4. Scars

    Do you find it pointless to explain the whole red pill and sexual market theory to other people?

    Yeah this is the kind of sh!t you never want to say to any woman. Even if it's true. Nobody wants to hear it, especially women. Like I said.. Law 38: Think as You Like but Behave Like Others
  5. Scars

    would a nice car help?

    If a nice car helps you feel more confident in your own skin, then sure. But will a nice car a lone get you laid? Probably not. If you drive a lambo but still incredibly awkward with women, they'll know you're faking the funk. Also, keep in mind that this will also attract a certain TYPE of...
  6. Scars

    Do you find it pointless to explain the whole red pill and sexual market theory to other people?

    Also, this is why I don't go on social media. I see a bunch of sh!t that triggers me and if you try to speak out against it, you just get labeled a misogynist. The landscape is not in your favor. Best to just keep your mouth shut. Most of these men (and women) are stuck and invested in their...
  7. Scars

    Girl pulls out vibrator when having sex

    Some girls can't get off without a vibrator. One of my exes was like this. Couldn't get off from oral/vaginal stimulation. Don't take it personally. She still had sex with you. If the idea of it still bothers you, get a vibrating c0ck ring. You can be inside her pvssy while still stimulating...
  8. Scars

    Feminism isn't the problem

    What about all the hot women who buy into the BS modern day feminist philosophy? It's not just fugly girls with impossible standards. There's been a paradigm shift the last few decades where women are now viewed more "valuable" than men by society. Feminists always preach equality but really...
  9. Scars

    Do you have to be Top 10% to do well in OLD

    Short answer: No. But if you're a 7 or below, you are fighting an uphill battle with OLD. Looks is the first and only thing women have to go off with OLD. If it's not an instant "yes, I would fvck him" then you're getting swiped left. You won't even get a chance to "spit your game".
  10. Scars

    Some unexpected lessons I learned about women while owning a handsome dog.

    I love my dog and take her almost everywhere I go. I've never had anyone ask me where I got her. That would kind of annoy me because it is really none of their business. I know there are a ton of people with the "adopt don't shop" mentality, but if I take a puppy off someone's hands who doesn't...
  11. Scars

    I really dont think looks matter

    Fair enough.
  12. Scars

    Was Will Smith Alpha for Slapping Chris Rock after he Disrespected his Wife?

    I wouldn't call him a Alpha nor a Simp.. What I think he did was hot headed and not a really good look for him. He cried later on and apologized, which clearly shows he is not in control of his emotions.. he's literally giving off Kanye West vibes right now. I don't want to live in a world...
  13. Scars

    I really dont think looks matter

    I find this subjective. You can take the whole "looks matter to women" philosophy and use it to blame your circumstances, or you can use it as motivation to better yourself. One of the easiest things a man can do other than basic hygiene and new wardrobe is go to the gym. You can gain a solid...