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Recent content by oOh Nasty

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    Are toxic men the product of women mistreating guys in general

    You should have put the word "toxic" in quotes. Today's definition of "toxic" men is a cop out definition and just a shaming tactic for women and soyboys who hate masculinity. There are definitely evil people - rapists and murderers. But at that point, they're not toxic, they're just evil. CEOs...
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    Nicki Minaj is an Alpha Male

    I'm guessing that 95% of entertainment industry celebrities are pure shills. But I've always had hope for a handful of of them. Nicki Minaj is one of them and I'm glad she's got an enormous amount of IDGAF to show it. Her responses to everything are extremely satisfying. To be in front of such...
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    Gen Z and Sarcasm

    You have the set of Americans who are too stupid to realize sarcasm so they answer seriously to sarcastic statements or questions. And then you have snowflakes who are sarcastic and passive aggressive about everything to everyone until they find someone who agrees with them and then they love...
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    Would a girl I met once 2 years ago remember me?

    Unfortunately, there's a high chance she'll remember. For example, I don't even really know you or met you in person, but I think I vaguely remember in a thread years ago that you've mentioned your username stands for your real name backwards.
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    Would a girl I met once 2 years ago remember me?

    Why not just be direct? Even if you were to pull it off, the whole "pretending we've never met" thing just seems a bit too try-hard, considering your 2 hours with her in the past probably isn't even relevant to what's happening right now. If she finds out that you've known her all this time...
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    Woke James Bond?

    It was a different time and age. Even the "alpha" celebrity actors today start filling in more blue-pill and wokeish roles. Sure, these guys are built and have muscle mass and all of that, but they're just too emotional and edgy these days. I miss the times when cool, confident, stone-cold...
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    Woke James Bond?

    Being a fan of classic Bond (Connery and Moore), I stopped watching after Casino Royale. Even though they've tried making his character more "physically hard and rough," they've ended up making him sweeter and sensitive. I think I watched another Craig Bond after that but had to pretend it was...
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    Olympics is run by the Occult & their Transgender Stars

    This pretty much sums up the feeling I get from people who regularly call others conspiracy theorists.
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    Dopamine detox?

    I've tried it several times in the past, but I usually never get past a day and a half. What I've definitely observed is that after a good 4 or 5 hours of having my TV turned off, phone put away, laptop lid closed, and any other distracting things, my mental state feels more clear and focused...
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    Be Thankful for this Forum

    I'd be a different person right now if it wasn't for me stumbling onto this forum during my teenage years. I was on that RSD forum for a short while but it was too bro-ish for me. This forum plus Roissy's blog before it stopped being updated were a good combination.
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    The reason im leaving SoSuave forever

    Hope you come back to post again some time in the near future. I agree that moderators are hardly purely objective but that's because no one is objective and we're humans with emotion. There's no such thing as pure objectivity when moderating as there will always be slight biases and favorites...
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    Since I only eat once a day, I make sure to have tons of meat. I'll usually have a cup of rice with it. I definitely could add more vegetables to my diet though. I do lots of chicken breast, some kind of steak or ground beef, pork chops, meatloaf, etc. I usually don't count calories or anything...
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    Are you going to get the covid vaccine shot now that the delta version is spreading fast?

    I think every person should collect knowledge for himself from both sides of the political spectrum and then use that knowledge to make a self-assessment with all things being considered. I think what you'll find is that a particular side will be almost completely 100% for taking the vaccine...
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    Unfortunately, I haven't been working out. But I've been keeping from getting too chubby just by IF and creating a standing work desk (I work from home) and making sure I'm on my feet 16 hours a day. I normally drink about 1 to 2 glasses of just water a day because I'm usually drinking black...
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    Consistent 24 hour faster here. Every time I tell someone about intermittent fasting, they always give me the same old response of how it's unhealthy or how it's just one of those temposary fads. But I've been fasting for about 10 years now. IF and HIIT are the red-pill of diet.