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    BECOMING A KING: Getting girls to chase you - Part 2 (GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL)

    2019. Is this still relevant? Hell yeah it is. BUMP.
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    Recommend me some TV / Movies with little social agenda.

    With all of these movie threads popping up, it got me interested in asking because I actually do want to watch some good television but not have women empowerment, LGBT, or special snowflake themes inserted just for the sake of having representation. I mean, I don't mind these themes as long as...
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    The inevitable decline of womens' looks as they age.

    For those of you who are interested in LTRs or marriage, you've got to imagine how your woman will look in 5 years, 10 years, and then 20 years. I'd say that there's a 9 out of 10 chance that she'll only look as half as good as she does now in 5 years. By 10 years, she'll probably look like a...
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    Hungary's PM bans gender study at colleges saying 'people are born either male or female'

    At this very moment in time, I'll have to agree with @samspade here. While I very much loathe the feminism and SJW mindset, I feel as if they should have the chance to express themselves within the realm of lawfulness. I still have faith that there are a good amount of people who aren't prone to...
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    What was your key to getting into your desired shape?

    Intermittent fasting. My first few years of doing it, I didn't really focus on what kinds of foods to eat and pretty much ate anything I want (I worked at a Japanese restaurant so the food I ate every night was actually pretty good for me). Now, on top of only having one meal per night, I also...
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    Can't even play XBox without being hit by the PC police.

    Very true. Although, I do admit that it feels good to trigger dumb cvnts and put them in positions where nothing they say can make them feel better about themselves. Of course, I wouldn't go out of my way to do it. Some of these SJWs go out of their own way and try to start it first.
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    Can't even play XBox without being hit by the PC police.

    I've been playing a few games of For Honor at night before bedtime since it was free on Game Pass. I usually just ignore the trolls and salty people that message me after games (I even took off the in-game quick chat option) since my goal is to wind down at night and not get stirred up reading...
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    Given the redpill nature of this site, why is profanity "bleeped out" anyway?

    I don't think we're an offensive community. We're just brutally honest and make sense. I don't mind the censoring of profanity on the boards because we don't need to always swear to get our points across anyways. Recently in media, profanity is just way overused. People are using it in...
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    Indifference vs Putting you foot down

    I don't think that being indifferent and setting boundaries are necessarily contradicting to each other. I'd say, having standards and setting boundaries and being indifferent about whether she accepts those boundaries or not is the best way to go about it. If she plays by your rules, then she...
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    Do women care what car we drive?

    At first, I was going to give a sarcastic answer and say that yes, they care about your car, wallet, bank account, etc. But then, I thought about it and realized that your car and how you take care of it may be representative of how you take care of the things in your own life. Having a car...
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    I Have a Decision To Make in Less Than 2 Years

    If you're anything like me, this is actually a tricky situation. I've had my fair share of "good" women. If you've been able to keep yourself sexually excited about her for as long as you have and think that you can do it for a very very much longer time, then I say you've got something good...
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    BECOMING A KING: Getting girls to chase you - Part 2 (GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL)

    Ever since reading this post for the first time (more than a decade ago), I'd search for this thread again at least once a year just to re-read it. Here's a BUMP for this year.
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    The "f@ggot" American dialect

    Very true. I have gay friends that are more straight-sounding than some of these straight kids I hear talking nowadays.
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    What can women gain? What can a man offer?

    If a woman is making a logical decision to be with you, then it's probably bad for you in the long run. If she's able to say "alright, this guy has a nice house and a nice car, I guess I'll fux with him," then you've sort of put yourself in a position of being utility. On the other hand, you...
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    Conversational Cyanide - The question that has no definitive answer

    Asking general questions like that right off the bat without any context just shows lack of social acuity. Unfortunately, there are some people like that who just have below average social skills. Can't really blame them for it. Sometimes if I'm annoyed, I'll give one word answers and start...