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Recent content by MrWilly

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    www.cheekycherry.com/forums :D
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    brown sauce and working out

    ITs ****ing heaven, love it man! Couldent live without it :p Dont see why it should affect diet? FOok it, keep on munching lads!
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    Tight foreskin

    Lads, I had this problem a while back. Very tight, sensitive, didnt like coming back etc. I was young then 15ish mind....anyway. When your in the back, pull it back (as you should to clean it), and get used to it being back, yes it hurts if you touch it (sensitive etc). Then, when having a...
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    How to convert a girl who wont give a BJ?

    lol, your all crazy. My GF didnt particularly wanna give a BJ, ive been with her aggees now (a year), and she jus never fancied the idea...so, thas not a problem at all :) I honestly didnt mind...top be honest, while they are good, im not a massive massive fan of them, and rather do her...
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    Married Chick

    PS, lads......heres my advice if you wanna pick up married birds ;) PRIMARY SCHOOLS ARE WHERE ITS AT!, twice a day, 9am and 3:30pm there are LOADS of women, all outside schools waiting for their kids to come out, jus stood round chatting. Now becarefull, if your a 25+yr old bloke hanging...
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    Married Chick

    Only been with one married bird, she was 28, 3 kids hubby was workin on some site (builkder) a fair way away, oly home at weekends etc. Her kids was ace, lol, all the pro's of kids, but none of the hassles, ie, i came home ;) Dead easy to pull, hell of a shag (loads of experiance), jus nice...
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    No more gym, only home weights.

    You guys do palms in or palms out chinups??? Im training to join the Royal Marines, and its required we do Palm Out ones, what a 'mare!.....palm in ones are easy enough, but palm out...ugh, effort ;) :D
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    Attention!! UK DJ's please read!!!

    Bristol is ace :D I live half way between bris and glos....all my nites out except for afew are in bristol. The ones in glos are because my old man lives in cheltenham, so i walk along the train tracks home...lol, trippy at the ebst of times. Bristol is sound.....well, exceopt the one...
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    do you settle for 3-5s/UGs, for practice?

    Paper bag over her head and do her rotten :p Can get STDs anywhere, more lilely the ugly ho dont have any cuz she aint gettin sex anyways ;) Mate, if your a V, use her! else when you have a 9/10 in your bed, your gunna be ****ting it about if your good, bad, what to do.....use her as a...
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    The ultimate CLUB guide

    Class! ce post, pissing myself laughing at some stuff, especially when thinking "right, yanks are gunna be reading this, lol!"...top stuff from a fellow brit :D As ive mentioned before the UK scene is VERY different to the US stuff, so I really enjoyed reading this post, as it makes sense...
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    Attention!! UK DJ's please read!!!

    Sorted.....drink, hotel & slags (erm, girls).......im well up for that :D
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    Idea? Hmm, opinions!

    17 people have looked, and obviously have opinions in their minds, "good idea" "crap idea", nice of you 17people to spend 20seconds typi ng a brief reply ;) :p
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    Idea? Hmm, opinions!

    Jus an idea to be a lil different, attract some attention, and have sumthin to talk about in a club. You can now get these UV Contact lenses, that glow green/blue in the rpesense of UV light (ie, in a club).....any thaughts? Might give it a try sometime :) Any opinions?
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    Advice Reqd reading my situation

    Alls well! She rang tonight saying how she's been shopping for undies, got a new suspender belt & suspenders etc apparently, and what am i doing tommorow night? "you my dear ;)" :p Sweeeet, silly women, lol.