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Recent content by lizardking82

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    Was it worth shutting down the economy?

    I mean governments in general. You have obviously completely bought into everything that's being told by the govt about this virus and the numbers and everything else. You seem like you won't even listen to anyone else about it other than the "official narrative"
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    Was it worth shutting down the economy?

    @EyeBRollin do you ever question anything the government says or does, bro? Or you just believe everything they say?
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    Do you seek Love or Sex?

    Cause of the men at the top wanting society to be shaped by these generally weak and confused creatures so they can create more weak and confused creatures so the men at the top can control everyone easier and focus on other things.
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    Do you seek Love or Sex?

    Can't love before lusting a woman. That's if you wanna have a healthy, full of sex and good times relationship. If you're looking for lala land, sure...go ahead and try "love first, then sex"
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    How Many Of You Have Symptoms Of Covid?

    I have no symptoms since I never get sick even with flu or with anything else. I can't actually remember last time I got sick with the flu, probably no more than 1 or 2 times in my whole life. I think I saw a lot of comments on different videos and forums of British and US people having...
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    Do you notice women being generally hornier and coming at you with the Coronavirus situation?

    I am not downplaying it and it would actually be very, very sad news if 21 million people died in China. All I am saying is information is vague, we get the numbers from people who we don't know, we see no authopsies, there is a some very big smoke around this whole thing, but again, I am now...
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    Do you notice women being generally hornier and coming at you with the Coronavirus situation?

    Btw @BackInTheGame78 if we take it seriously that 21 million people just died only from the virus (which is a very big IF), considering China has got a population of around 1,4 billion people, we would be looking at a death percentage of around 1 percent. I think it is even lower than that since...
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    Sex for provider vs lover

    That is why you always are straight forward and let it be known you wanna bang her right off the bat. No dates and fun playing around. You let your intention be known and if she "sees you that way", she will open up and do everything. Lovers instill in a woman passion without them even talking...
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    Is it worth buying some Dow Jones, Tesla, big company stocks who right now seem way underpriced..?

    I mean, I don;t think Dow Jones or Tesla and similar sized companies are going anywhere, they are probably gonna bounce back even stronger after this so what is some stock you guys think I should be buying right now? Am talking smaller amounts, 50 dollars, 100 dollars tops.
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    Do you notice women being generally hornier and coming at you with the Coronavirus situation?

    I am not entertaining you enough cause this is ridiculous. Chads don't bang their harem all the time, they bang it when they wanna. I can have a harem, but I am focusing on other things in life which happen to be more important then women, but don't you worry about me and your reply is even more...
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    This is what I overheard talking to plate on the phone...

    Indeed, I talked this with her and that is all the information you need to know. They treat the little girl like a princess and if/when need be, the little boy is put down. That;'s about it and I have seen this happen a lot in many other cases. That's why we have girls being raised pretentious...
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    This is what I overheard talking to plate on the phone...

    You don't have to be a parent to see bad parenting at play and I agree completely with what you just said. They are not letting the girl deal with her being biatchy and they are letting her know no matter what, if she cries and victimizes herself, all is good. On the other hand, they are messing...
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    This is what I overheard talking to plate on the phone...

    While I was talking to this plate of mine on the phone, she tells me to wait a second cause she momentarily at her sister's house. Apparently, her sister is married and has two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy and the girl come rushing into the room and the little boy is apparently complaining to...
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    The real alpha males are fighting the Coronavirus atm

    What a load of crap I am seeing in this thread from some people. Bezos is alpha? Bezos is an innovator and he got half of his money ripped by a woman who did nothing for him and he still goes after average women LOL talk about being alpha. I give you a car mechanic who has his own shop and a...