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    GF of 4 months broke it off today

    Out of that whole wall of text,there were 8 words that stood out,like a big flashing neon sign in the dark of night,and dare I say.....THIS is what likely killed the attraction/passion of the relationship for her....... "she was quickly becoming like a best friend"...
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    Nelly Furtado hit the wall

    When I first saw the title of this thread,I was like,"Uh oh......let's see what's happened to Nelly". Come in here and saw the first "Now" pic. Honestly......I expected worse. I don't think she looks that bad. I thought it was going to be something more like this.... Pamela Anderson...
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    Need Moderators? Sign Me Up!

    I'm actually around A LOT MORE than people may realize. I just spend like 95% of my time in the background....usually replying to private messages. I probably have more PM posts than regular ones,like 3 times as many. Another thing is,I don't like to OVER-moderate. I don't believe in jumping on...
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    You are such a Nice Guy

    I remember I one time had a date with this girl..... Went out,date was "ok" and all. At the end I asked her about getting together again,and she started out with "I think you're a great guy....". Soon as I heard it,I went,"Oh sh1t......". I instantly knew things weren't going well and there...
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    How to handle a mob?

    I honestly wouldn't mind hearing an answer to this question. @EyeBRollin........ Do you SERIOUSLY THINK that lady "sought out" that angry,loud,"in your face"/intimidating mob?
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    Friend Zone Jeopardy

    I got a couple questions.......if you don't mind. They're kinda detailed. Ok........you say you've known this girl for 7 months,and for 5 of those months,she was unavailable. Umm......what was your "relationship" with her like during those 5 months she was unavailable? You two talk? Hang out...
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    A very quick, brief rant.

    Well how were things before covid hit? Were the women meeting up freely with no problems at all? Or did they find other reasons to not meet up?
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    I might have gotten the rona

    Boy.......talk about irony.
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    Stood up

    To be honest,I personally probably wouldn't have nexted her over this. Not saying I'd constantly be badgering her to go out,just that I wouldn't have thrown in the towel over one minor little incident. But that's just me. Anyway,something struck me as kinda odd,what you said here...... You...
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    I wanna f my therapist

    You hate your money? Wow. You REALLY DO need a therapist.
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    Completely f*cked up with hot girl

    Ok,uhh.......... So did you take the hint? Or is this an update about how you failed to take action for the bazillionth time?
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    saw my ex at a bar

    Apparently you either didn't read or misunderstood what "Glassguy" said. You say you can't let a brother fall into the abyss. Sir......he can't fall into the abyss. The abyss is ABOVE him. For him,the abyss would be a step UP. You're new here.....this is a film you haven't seen before...
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    Phone Call Game?

    THANK YOU. This is what I want saying in my other post...... The PURPOSE of the call is to arrange a meet/a date. That's why I asked him what was the PURPOSE of his calls.....you CAN'T call a woman just "to talk". There has to be an endgoal,a reason for the call. You can't call just "to chat"...
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    Phone Call Game?

    Man,I hate to say this.....but you kinda already screwed up here. You say you called this chick once already and the vibe was great. Well that's fine and all,but my question is..... What was THE PURPOSE of the phone call? What was the point? Also,what did you two talk about? Ok....this is...
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    Explain me her behaviour

    To be honest dude......it's YOUR BEHAVIOR that's most confusing. You're doing a lot of stuff that,at least TO ME personally,makes absolutely no sense at all. You said you've been texting this girl for a while. Umm......but then you say you don't ask her out because you two work together. Well...