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    Divorce Rape on a whole new level.

    She cheats and still gets millions. https://www.yahoo.com/news/princess-paid-lover-9m-blackmail-123524175.html Not that the guy can't spare it, but still. On the flip side, I have to guess that he is no boy scout.
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    The most pleasurable condom

    If you can't find a good fit, myONE are great. You can measure (they provide a printable measure tool) and get a tailored fit.
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    Perhaps you misunderstood. She said that she wasn't interested in seeing me anymore (not in those words). Offered to make me dinner, 5 days later with no other interaction: goodbye. Nothing to overthink.
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    I had three dates with a woman. First one: Met for drinks, had a great time, kiss close, texted me the next day saying she had a great time and wanted to see me again. Date two a week and a half later (she had to travel for work for five days): Took her axe throwing and played other games at the...
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    Tell us about one of your best, most fun, interesting, weird, wild or legendary dates...

    Girl in town for business. Met her weeks before and she meets me for dinner, a few drinks and invites me to her room. We get to the room, she lights a few candles, gets me a drink and comes out of the bathroom in smoking lingerie. She obviously had a plan. We ended up going at it hard. I'm down...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    As amazed as I am, I'm back in here. I had dated a long time friend and caught feelings. She is moving a couple hours away and had given me the friends speech. I had made it clear when we split that I had crossed a line, friends wasn't an option for me and told her to get back in touch if things...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    From this, I don't see any monkey branching. Although I don't see where you mentioned being commited, I'm going to guess that she viewed you as cheating on her, pulled the plug and was probably pretty unhappy for a while (if she was attached to you). You use the motivation of pain that seems to...
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    Is omission deception?

    Care to talk about it? @2Rocky . As far as the YTA, yes I can be and have no interest in a FWB. I have other options. She said that she would respect my decision and violated that three times, prior. I'm not going to encourage more. I said hi and don't feel obligated to do more. She could have...
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    Is omission deception?

    I ran into this woman again last week while sitting I was sitting with a mutual friend. She arrived after me and sat at the far end of the bar. She stopped and chatted for a few minutes (twice) and when the place closed, we were in the same group walking out. She maneuvered herself ahead of me...
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    Tactfully benching women and more

    @MatureDJ Again, I'm baffled. I have gotten myself in pretty good shape, my face is thinner and I have developed somewhat of a IDGAF attitude. Believe me, I don't see myself as a Chad, but these women seem to think so. Only one looks a bit chunky, but it seems more her build than fat and she...
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    Tactfully benching women and more

    I have a problem that I never thought that I would have. Working on myself seems to have worked all too well. Over the last month, I have been on a marathon of dates and somehow managed to have too many women interested. Since they commonly fall off for one reason or another, I was full speed...
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    The "Good" Woman That Most Should Avoid

    I have been thinking about the behavior of some women that many here would consider toxic. What I have written is from personal relationship experience, experiences of my friends and from women who I have known over the years without a romantic relationship. Consider this: She has lots of guy...
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    So it's come to this...

    If I remember right, I did a search for someone on the other side of the earth and cropped personal shots from group shots. I didn't want to risk being responsible for someone the pic "donor" knows, seeing it and ruining someone's life.
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    So it's come to this...

    I did this experiment for fun once and then forgot about it. Logged in a few months later after being reminded in my junk email account. The girl that I was dating at the time hit it with two messages within days of her telling me that she loved me. She made it clear in those messages that she...
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    Is omission deception?

    I thought that I did my due diligence. The problem is that "intelligence" can be swayed by the information provided. Just look at the amount of chemical weapons found in Iraq. You might dump a good woman due to bad intelligence as easily as hanging with one who is loaded with poison. You can...