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    Starting highschool. Need some advice.

    Welcome to Women 101 If I only had access to this forum at 15! What a different life I would have had. We really don't have an idea of your personality, but if you are shy, force yourself to say hi. No matter how hot they are, it will get easier. They all take sh*t just like you do. As others...
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    Friend Zone Jeopardy

    As far as the original intent, I was only there to get what she wanted to give me. Basically, get it out of the way and continue to distance myself. I didn't expect her tell me that she missed me or back pedal on her earlier statements. On top of that, it was late and I was beat. Not a good time...
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    Friend Zone Jeopardy

    In a perfect world, sure, that would be the case, but not every interaction goes like a page from a PUA book. Its always good to share and learn. That's why I share "goofy crap" on here. Yes, fukking her could end this pretty quick, but she does, after all, have to be a willing participant.
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    Friend Zone Jeopardy

    Update: This could get long (again), so I'm going to try and summarize. I have not been initiating any contact, but she has been. My answers again were friendly, closed and short, but she wanted to meet to give me something, so I figured that I would just get that out of the way. Two days ago...
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    Want to learn what I did wrong. Got physical a week later got hit with "Dont want to risk friendship" blah blah. Gone NC

    This /\ /\ This is a fairly close parallel to to what I am dealing with right now, with the exception of the one off s*x and what you are dealing with is exactly what I was worried might happen in my social circle. Smear campaigns can be pretty diabolical and subtle if she tries to go that...
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    Friend Zone Jeopardy

    All good as long as all parties are on the same page and you aren't the type of woman who lives for attention in any form and/or dangles the carrot. Don't kid yourself, those buddies probably wouldn't hesitate if you came on to them. Unless you are hideous or have an absolutely abhorrent...
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    Friend Zone Jeopardy

    An update to provide some follow up as this progresses: I haven't seen her, but she has been initiating texts with me and we hadn't texted much at all in the past. I had ignored some texts before without any grief from her and it wouldn't be taken as unusual. She keeps initiating texts, asking...
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    Dating is just like Marketing & Sales

    I have been there myself and realized that it was just my ego keeping me interested. Prior to that realization, it definitely was a drag on my self esteem. Sometimes these vixens will still outfox me, for a while anyway. I think that it is a self protection thing on their part, related to their...
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    Would you say that this Playboy Playmate has hit the Wall at age 45?

    I just got a horrible visual. Like softballs hanging in a pillowcase.
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    Friend Zone Jeopardy

    Yes, I know. One reply that I can recall was a deadpan "See, now you have gone and hurt my feelings" followed by a little smirk. Come on guys, I have already explained that we will be sharing space and I really can't recall anything in my interactions with her where she took the lead. This post...
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    Friend Zone Jeopardy

    @RickTheToad Please elaborate. Most of my girlfriends have told me that I don't show my feelings enough.
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    Friend Zone Jeopardy

    I certainly appreciate the post mortem, but there was nothing purposeful in my exit. That was pretty detailed and I'm happy to fill you in. I never met the boyfriend. Nearly all of the interaction was in a group setting up until she became single again. We all know the rebound effect and I just...
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    Friend Zone Jeopardy

    We, she can't be getting any satisfaction, because I told her truthfully that I had to get to a store before it closed. It does explain her trying to see if I was lying in that it would confirm that I was upset with her. Another oops on her part. I had another situation similar that a while ago...
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    Friend Zone Jeopardy

    That's just it, I get the feeling from her reaction that she wants it both ways. Oops for her. I'm not playing that game. I think "buddy girl" is now her new nick name and I think instead or saying anything at all, that I'll use it regularly when referring to her. I already have a girl buddy...
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    Friend Zone Jeopardy

    I don't want any awkwardness or fallout either either and I'm just thrown by her reaction to my leaving without an "in person" goodbye. I'm not about to track her down every time that I want or need to leave. Hmm.. maybe that's the answer.. just tell her that. After all, we are "just friends"...