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Recent content by Black Widow Void

  1. Black Widow Void

    Write this off as a loss/rejection?

    No one bats 100% Nobody With that being said, you're going to bat a lot more than most. Nice game.
  2. Black Widow Void

    RooshV's transformation from PUA to Godpill

    I've heard his named dropped several times but I wasn't a follower of his teachings or anything. Investing an hour into someone I'm not overly familiar with was more than I wanted to invest, but I watched a little. This was my impression: He didn't appear confident (without being asked, he...
  3. Black Widow Void

    Facebook Disabled Acct...how to get it back?

    I've heard about facebook jail, but never personally experienced it. If they've deleted your account, I doubt that you can get back in under the same one. If you're just interested in starting a new account, clean out your cookies, cache, and head to a place with a different internet connection...
  4. Black Widow Void

    if youre in this forum you lost

    I've never viewed forum members here as 'losers" or of no value to women. However, in recent view of posting behavior demonstrated by sosousage ... I wonder if he might be calling himself out?
  5. Black Widow Void

    Got a really bad feeling about this chick

    Trust your gut. Otherwise, you'll end up like a lot of us; reflecting back and kicking ourselves for allowing our hormones to override our logic.
  6. Black Widow Void

    What is a fun way to tell this girl that when I first saw her I got an erection?

    Not sure if you can incorporate this into your game, but maybe you can improvise. I once had this new girl sitting on my lap. I pushed her hips up slightly and said "excuse me, but I have to straighten my belt buckle." She found it flattering and humorous.
  7. Black Widow Void

    Anyone own a dog?

    I own two. If you have to think about owning a dog, you probably shouldn't.
  8. Black Widow Void

    Current situation

    Although I'm from the school of 'it's best to move on" category, I can still provide info on how to get her back. These things rarely work themselves out... but we all think that we're gong to be the exception. I'm not going through 11 pages to get the answer. Do you still want her back? If...
  9. Black Widow Void

    How to respond to this kind of message OLD

    Although it's been years since I've done the personals, I recall getting several of the (so-called) "ice-breaker" responses. Personally, I was put off by the generic (one-size-fits all) type e-mail. It's not only lazy, but probably sent to multiple members. This was always my reply. "I read...
  10. Black Widow Void

    Slap some f***ing sense into me fellas

    I get no pleasure in 'roasting' you on this. In fact, I'm only chiming in because I hope I can spare you the let-down that I've experienced more times than I'm willing to admit (insert friendly laughter). When meeting a woman that seems to defy the typical expected behavior, we can (and we...
  11. Black Widow Void

    How did you discover the Red Pill?

    Folks divorced at a young age (take a guess who was awarded custody). Grew up on Norman Lear programs (or should I say "programming"). As you may have guessed, this was not a good recipe. Not bragging or anything, but when younger, I was fairly handsome. I mention this only for the explanation...
  12. Black Widow Void

    Would you to take the Rona Vaccine?

    Anti-vaccine here. I don't preach about my choice, nor care to hear opponents preach theirs. There is no $$$ in teaching people to naturally boost their immune system (greatly reducing their chances of getting infections of any kind). There is, however, money to be made by spreading fear...
  13. Black Widow Void

    Feeling big changes after my last decisions

    Really happy to read this. Keep us posted.
  14. Black Widow Void

    Men's Fashion Resources

    This is another catch 22. As an experiment, I bought some "in" fashion clothing. Yes it will attract, but it will also detract. While conforming to fashion, I did notice attention from a few that otherwise probably wouldn't have been so attentive... yet, toward women with some actual...
  15. Black Widow Void

    Girl I’ve been dating told me she’s still married

    Approach is everything. Although I feel rather confident with offering varied advice, I recognize that tactfulness is not one of my greater strengths. Perhaps something like..."I wonder if you might be leaving the door open for your former husband." Then allow her to respond. Sexist as it may...