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Recent content by BJP1991

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    Letting her initiate sex

    Both for plates and LTRs: How often do you hang back and allow your woman to initiate sex with you, rather than generally being the one to initiate / begin touching that leads to 1st/2nd/3rd base and finally having sex? Do you find yourself more commonly initiating than your woman? I assume...
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    Keeping excitement in LTR

    If in an LTR (6+months, etc.), living together or just seeing one another a few times weekly, what are some ways to keep the excitement and “spark” alive? Moreso, if you start to sense a fade in excitement, whether within yourself or your partner, what strategies can you use to keep it fresh...
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    Gf ditched me to meet some other “friend”dude

    Purely out of curiosity, how does one go about bringing this conversation up? About mutual compromise?
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    Bodybuilding forum

    Not a bad place if interested in actual bodybuilding/lifting. Their relationship forum has a lot of women in it too, it isn’t only men. Take that for what it’s worth.
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    Gf ditched me to meet some other “friend”dude

    I don’t disagree that it is utterly BS and disrespectful - it absolutely crosses the line
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    How often are you having sex with girlfriend

    Scenario 1: You don’t live together, see one another 1-3x weekly. Scenario 2: You do live together How often are you having sex in a happy/healthy relationship? One friend of mine lives with his wife and they have sex all the time. Another friend lives with his fiancé but they do not have sex...
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    Gf ditched me to meet some other “friend”dude

    Care to elaborate what beta slipping you even did? Without some detail, it sounds like you’re breaking up with her possibly over something you created or manifested in your own head, rather than communicating with your partner. Don’t leave, communicate. If that fails or gets you no answers...
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    I accidentally rejected a married woman that asked me to dinner

    She’s married, forget about it
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    Gf ditched me to meet some other “friend”dude

    Always hate to see posts like this - I feel for ya man. Have you tried to get her to open up more about why she lied to you and who the **** this guy even is or WHY she feels so compelled to go see him? What did they do when they were together? When telling you she “still wants to be with you”...
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    Birth control pills and sex drive

    She started about 4 months into the relationship. She was hoping to get IUD however the doctor said she would have to leave the IUD in for 2-3 years or something like that, whereas the pill she could stop at anytime. Mostly started so we don’t have to be as worried about pregnancy since we are...
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    Birth control pills and sex drive

    Has anyone noticed a slight dip/decrease in your woman’s sex drive after they begin taking BC pills? If so, how do you navigate this? Where leading up to her starting her pills it was sex all the time, then after it decreases to average once per day at most? Obviously I’m not gonna dump her...
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    Just a Friend

    Have fun living in fear of “just a friend” This place becomes more negative each and every day. I know there’s quality men here but many constantly are trying to focus on the negative - ALL THE TIME.
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    Girlfriend told little lie

    Part of me wants to tell her off so so so badly. I know I need to resist that urge.
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    Girlfriend told little lie

    Understood, I am trying to tell myself this. What I am nervous/anxious about is what happens next. Nobody should have to go through this, and I know the way I'm being treated is really unacceptable. However I am having a hard time letting go mentally is all and getting myself into a frame of...
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    Girlfriend told little lie

    She texted back complaining about having to cancel her plans to see one another and talk today - also kind of tried to spin it and play the victim in the situation. I just told her that if she can give him the time of day and lie to me, but cant simply give me the time of day to talk about it...