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Recent content by BigFoot04

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    Cardio after lifting?

    Personally after everyworkout , I've had tons of people saying it "effects your gains" but their all lazy , change it up, battle ropes , ski rigs , treadmill. I saw nothing but gains both strength and cardio wise.
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    Bringing a plus one

    that's true, I'm considering bringing a mate at least it'll be a opportunity to for him maybe
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    Bringing a plus one

    I recently started working for a engineering company and its a good company , multiple locations around the world, good people etc. They have a Christmas party soon and you can bring a plus one however I don't have a girlfriend and feel like they will all bring their wives. Should I lone wolf...
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    Those who quit Instagram and other social media

    Nearly a year since I deleted insta , don't regret it and I'm quite young so you'd think it'd affect me. I still use Snapchat because that's where my mates are
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    I feel like protein shakes don't help

    ive been working out at the gym for months now , protein shakes were great after a work out cause it was like the cherry on top and boosted my mood but i have periods where I forget to have them and I feel like my gains get better without them. anyone else experience this ?
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    from what I got from it was that they think turning it to the max gets it hotter quicker but instead it takes longer then doing it to 25 and costs unnecessarily more
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    40+ MILF coworker, would bang, but...

    Yeahhhhh that's why you asked us if you should bang her. What is it with guys not respecting one another jesus f*cking christ.
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    When She Is Nervous About The Date, She Will Flake!

    Want people's opinions on this so alot of guys say on here don't wait a week to meet and so on but I personally think the better girls would rather speak for a week then meet you rather then the girls who off the bat , meet you straight away , am I wrong ? it just seems like they can be easy if...
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    Thoughts ?

    I just hate the whole thing of " we think it's going great " because some girls will see this and try pushing this stuff. like it will start to mess with their relationship very quickly as long as he has a pair.
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    Thoughts ?

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/girlfriend-draws-up-17-page-24952795 I thought this was a joke at first but after reading it , this guy's mental
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    Urgent Help: Harassment accusation

    what you did sounds like harassment
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    Chads are so rare they're irrelevant

    Define Chad because I'm sure people have different opinions on what makes someone a Chad
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    The legalization of weed.

    Should it be legalized ? I don't know much about the effects of it if it was legal however I feel like it's a bad idea. Put in brackets your location (England )
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    The drawbacks of testosterone

    so using this logic , semen retention would make your life span longer ?
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    Should most teens/twenty somethings/and even thirty somethings aim to date older women (35 and over?).

    I don't think any guy in his twenties or late teens should date a 35 + women , I think that's embarrassing to some degree. Purely sex on the other hand is much different and can teach a young guy alot. Not speaking from experience though lol