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Female nature is what it is: that's why we turn it against them. Self improve to the max, sleep with them 2-3 times, then dump them to the side of the road like trash
It seems the more I learn about computers the more I learn about myself. There are no quick fixes in this life and I need to accept that
Always on, always working, using coffee and energy drinks as needed, taking short breaks. Maybe you have to stay up all night doing homework sometimes but not often. I’ve been killing school lately and this seems to be a huge part of time management. Focus on one thing at a time to see the greatest success
How can I be completely honest with myself and turn myself into a DJ? I must ask myself that question every day
"This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief." -Rumi
I love this website. Every time I listen to the advice on here, I see great results in my life! My Blue Pill conditioning is totally gone. My ear is totally open to anything that you guys have to say. I’m going to view my life through the lens of a Don Juan/Sosuave with zero doubt. Also, video game breaks are essential to the soul
For an eternal broke boi like me, it looks like my primary sources of protein are going to be milk and whey. They're extremely cheap and are tasty too. Like a gallon of milk costs $4-5! I can buy 3 of those a week. I have literally no excuse when it comes to this stuff