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I guess being able to act? Or maybe having the strong of a connection with friends? It makes me sad though. We didn't see eye to eye on some things and we basically ended our friendship over stupid sh1t... (7)
You should make all these messages as replies to the first one since they're all related. Otherwise it's annoying to track em all down.
I didn't think about that. Sorry :(
Everyone in the group started to sing September on tune. Or another person would start some dialogue from a movie and my buddy would flawlessly respond with completing it. It was awesome.... (6)
He was really good at entertaining. When he introduced me to his group of friends, I immediate sensed the camaraderie among them. It was harmonic and it was like if one guy starting reciting the lyrics to Earth, Wind, & Fire... (5)
When I was in college I had a friend that I met through my class which we hung out together much. He was a complete opposite to me. While I was reserved and shy, my buddy was vocal and borderline eccentric. He did a lot theater when he was younger... (4)
Even though he was portrayed by Damian Lewis in Band of Brothers, the scenes where he leads regardless inside or outside battles is reassuring. His idea of leading by character, proper delegation, and having realistic expectations is what makes people worth following... (3)
I can name a few people off the top of head. Some are historical figures, others are renown, and some I've met in my life that left an impression on me. To start off, I have much respect for Richard Winters whilst in Europe during World War 2... (2)
Yesterday, I was asked to name people I admired the most and what qualities they possessed that made me admire the most. For some, that's not too hard to name but for some reason I had a real hard time naming them. Mostly because there's a lot of people I admire and try to emulate... (1)
There are exactly two things that determine how our lives turn out: the quality of our decisions and luck. Life is poker, not chess.
This means that it's a mistake to equate the quality of a decision with the quality of that decision's outcome.
“Happiness is not the reward of virtue, but is virtue itself; nor do we delight in happiness because we restrain from our lusts; but on the contrary, because we delight in it, therefore we are able to restrain them.”
Trying to control what you cannot control will traumatize the way your brain responds to uncertainty. The illusion of control: what a fool believes.
Master, why is it if a man sleeps with many women he is a legend, but if a woman sleeps with many men she is a slut?

You see my child, if a key opens many locks it is a master key. But if a lock is opened by many keys it is a shiitty lock.
The Universe has an algorithm that is better than your plans. When it comes to romance, The best thing to do in my opinion, is to seek fulfillment without women. This seems counterintuitive. But this is usually when the most complete women show up through the universe’s algorithm called serendipity.