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You Can’t Rest. Ever.


Senior Don Juan
Jun 12, 2019
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Stagnation kills. It destroys the mind. It’s like putting it through the shredder.

A husband works himself to the bone at a job he hates, then comes home to rest. He watches TV, drinks beer, lays down on the couch, does nothing until it’s time to go to sleep. He has sacrificed his unlimited potential as a man in favor of comfort and familiarity.

What’s the result of this? His life is boring. Happiness comes and goes, flashes of light and purpose in an otherwise dark existence. He squanders his time, hour after hour, years after year, until he gets to the end of his life regretting that he hadn’t done more, until he’s laying on his deathbed with the ghosts of his unfulfilled dreams surrounding him. Maybe he wanted to be a writer, a painter, a police officer dedicated to the protection of his fellows, or maybe he wanted to run a company that would’ve given him the freedom to live his life on his own determinism. Instead, he worked 8 hours of his life away every day, for meager pay in comparison to how hard he worked. He lost valuable moments, valuable time he could’ve spent on his dreams and aspirations. Ashamed, his value no longer comes from within, but rather others, the exterior world. In his desperation, he is manipulated by men and women alike.

Then there’s a different man. He saw the path he was walking. One day, sitting in the office, he woke up. He had a moment of clarity. And his whole life changed. With a relentless fury, he spent every waking moment he could on becoming something more than a cog in a wheel. Late at night, early in the morning, when everyone else sleeps, he’s hard at work, building a life. He doesn’t watch TV, he has no social media, his attitude changes. His focus shifts. Women come to him, and he enjoys an affluent sex life. As his successes grow, people look to him for guidance. He begins to lead. He has a purpose. A reason for living. His life is more than just get up, got to work, go home, repeat. He has become something else.

The two above examples are an illustration of the two sides of a coin. We’ll call it “Purpose”. One man squanders who he is, the other fights with a relentless intensity, destroys barriers, keeps pushing until he wins, and even then he finds something else to do, something else to achieve.

One man is stagnant, bored, comfortable, yet is unhappy. He is, by his own creation, a husk. A shadow of what he could be.

The other lives. He leads the people around him. He shares his knowledge and viewpoint with others to give them the tools they need to break out of their state of mediocrity. This man stays busy. He never rests, he’s always active, constantly working toward his goals and purpose. He is uncomfortable, he goes toe to toe with everything the world throws at him, never resting until he wins, then he finds something else to achieve, rinse and repeat until his life at the end is absent the ghosts of the past. In his 90s and 100s, he goes willingly, without regret. A life fulfilled. An existence full of life.

The first example is an illustration of a being that is insane. The second is sane.

It’s your choice. If you want happiness, if you want sanity, you cannot rest. You have to be in a constant state of activity. It has to be automatic behavior, a habit. Sitting down, drinking beer and watching the game, is a lack of activity. It’s stagnancy. Every second not spent on what you have set out to do, every second spent absent purpose and a reason to live, is just another hit to your psyche, another chunk of yourself torn out. It’s going to eat you alive. Every effort not spent to better yourself and your life is the same as giving up on

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”
-Oscar Wilde

You’ve been warned. Go forth, flourish and prosper.


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