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Wow, check this confession out.


Master Don Juan
Mar 25, 2008
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Got a link to this site where people post anonymous confessions, grouphug.us
Take a look at this one I came across, sounds like a complete wackjob. I actually hope its fake, just for that poor guys sake.


i have been with my boyfriend for 1.5 years. i check his voice mail and emails constantly, and ive tapped his cell phone. ive was thinking about putting a tracking device on his car also. when hes not home (i live with him) i root through all his things. i cannot stop. i dont know why.

i masterbate in the bed when hes sleeping next to me.

i constantly pick my nose when i drive.

sometimes when im home alone i do it and wipe them on the couch.

i think that all single mothers are dirty *****s and this world would be a better place without them.

he has an 8 year old daughter whos a complete pain in the ass.

but its ok his ex wife is suing for custody and i will be on her side.

sometimes i wonder if my boyfriend is gay.

i am very jealous/posessive and if i see him look at a woman the wrong way i slap him.

i have large lips on my vagina and i think it looks gross and that is my biggest insecurity.

ive been waking up real late lately and i just sit on the computer most of the day. then about 20 minutes before my boyfriend comes home i will either leave and pretend i was looking for a job all day or clean up real quick to make it look like i was actually doing something productive.

i dont shower every day now, but i do when i have a job.

everytime he nags me about something or he gets grumpy i just laugh and that pisses him off more.

i wish his daughter was never born.

she plays victim/poor me when she is clumsy and falls or whatever and screams bloody murder at the top of her lungs and cries like a baby. of course daddy falls for it evertime. i just really want to punch her and kick her in the stomache the next time she does it.

i wish i had the balls to tie him up and make him watch as i kill his daughter.

but i guess terminating his rights to her is a good alternative.

i am 21 and he is 43. my family thinks he is 36.

he told me before that he is looking for a professional woman who can hold her own and has a professional job. i feel insecure about the fact that i am not a professional woman yet. i had a professional job that i weaseled my way into a few months ago, but wasnt there more than 6 weeks. i feel like a failure. but i think he hasnt helped me in my insecurity.

i told everyone i got a B and C in my 2 college courses this past semester. I actually got a B and F.i feel terrible.

sometimes i wish i was a billionaire through all my investments in the stockmarket at my tender age. my bank account is negative right now.

i keyed my boyfriends truck after i left him in a Dennys parking lot 4 miles from home because he was drunk and put my car into reverse while i was driving on purpose.

when i first met him i knew my mission was i take his daughter away from him. i think hes a terrible father.

i pick my nails constantly.

and i pick my acne obsessively.

im smoking about 2 packs a day now.

i think im only living at my boyfriends house because its free and i dont want to live with my parents. but i think he knows it too.

he wants a woman to add value to his life but its hard for me to do it since he doesnt reciprocate.

i set up a personals profile on a famous website to make him jealous. plus its nice too read all the flattering replies i get from men.

but theres a problem with that. a very well known morning DJ in my area (who i had hung out with about a month before) saw it. since i had said i was single, he asked me out. and i said sure. i really dont want to go out with him but i dont know what to do now since we were planning to go out next weekend. im just not gonna show i guess. i think my grandma will die the night before.

im living a lie!! i am sick of doing this to myself.


Master Don Juan
Sep 28, 2008
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but she sounds really, really ugly. And ain't that the truth!


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Master Don Juan
Oct 11, 2005
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Still.Repeating said:
I’m tired of being overweight. And not pretty enough.
I’m tired of being used. I’m tired of not being worthy to be in a relationship with.
I’m tired of being just a booty call. I’m tired of questioning my own decisions.
And always living in uncertainty. I’m tired of feeling guilty all the time.
The guilt I feel when I think about what I did in the past, and what
will inevitably happen in the future. I’m tired of not having the strength to say no.
And not having the ability to figure out what’s best for me.
I’m tired of not getting what I think I deserve.
And I’m tired of not knowing what I actually deserve.
I’m tired of not being the greatest best friend.
And the perfect daughter.
And the ideal sister.
I’m tired of feeling like I’m undeserving of God.
I’m tired of feeling like a sinner at heart.
I’m tired of feeling unwanted. And rejected.
I’m tired of the life I’m living in right now.
I’m tired of punishing my self.
Both mentally and physically.
I’m tired of thinking I don’t deserve help with my problems.
Because my best friend doesn’t seem to care if I’m hurting.
And my problems seem so small compared to other people.
I’m tired of having a best friend who doesn’t hug me, or help me when I feel like I’m suffocating inside.
I’m tired of having a best friend who turns away from me when I ask for advice, or a shoulder to cry on.
I’m tired of having people in my life who keep leaving me behind. And then doesn’t care where I end up.
I’m tired of having parents who overlooked my apparent emotional breakdown a year ago.
I’m tired of having no money. And no aspirations in life.
I’m tired of not knowing what I’m going to do with myself.
I’m tired of only thinking about sex. And wanting it all the time.
I’m tired of the way I crave for guys’ attention.
And the way I manipulate people, places, and things to get what I want.
Or at least try to.
I’m tired of not receiving the attention I want.
I’m tired of fingering myself at night.
And unintentionally crying out the very name I so despise.
And crying tears as I cvm when I realize what I just said.
And I’m tired of sobbing myself to sleep with my pajamas around my feet.
I’m tired of feeling fake.
I’m tired of the people in my life who are so oblivious to my pain.
Or if they do see it, do nothing to ease it.
I don’t get hugs anymore.
I’m tired of being underestimated.
I’m tired of allowing bridges to be burned.
I’m tired of not being held the way I used to be.
I tired of the constant burn behind my eyes, almost forcing me to cry.
I’m tired of not being able to express myself fully. Or incorrectly.
I’m tired of the dreams I have at night. Because that’s all they are… dreams.
I’m tired of waking up in the morning, wishing I could return to that imaginary world I unconsciously have.
I’m tired of feeling like less of a person when I stand next to other people at school.
I’m tired of always hiding my scarred up arms. And my thighs. And my hips.
I’m tired of failing.
I’m tired of loneliness.
I’m tired of having no self-control.
I’m tired of having no passion for the things I do.
I’m tired of smiles that feel heavy on lips.

I am just so tired of everything.
Here's one of my fave's.

I think I found SunnyD's confession! :crackup:


Master Don Juan
Mar 19, 2004
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The first story posted is nothing compared to some of the stuff guys post in the "general discussion" forum here. Second story sounds like what many of us here experienced before we became self aware: living our lives the way other people close to us expect us to. It's just more sad to me than humorous, because these people are ignorant and don't see that happiness can also come from making decisions that are best for themselves and not others.

You'll be happier living your life on your terms. That goes for women also.

Edit: That site is a lot like this one except they're not getting the answers they need: They're just venting.


Don Juan
Mar 8, 2014
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WTF most of the confessions in the website are REALLY weird..


Senior Don Juan
Dec 29, 2016
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Seen that before somewhere
Very odd. If she's real she needs help


Apr 26, 2006
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Northeast Florida, USA
Seen that before somewhere
Very odd. If she's real she needs help
By today's standards of women, she is quite normal. The ones who need help are the men who would shack up with her. They need help. They need SoSuave!!


Senior Don Juan
Dec 29, 2016
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Very true. Most of the ones I have as co workers are whack jobs too. Not kidding.


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